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GaryBauer: 2-16-10 End of Day

Good News

There’s some good news today in the war against radical Islam. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was recently captured in Karachi , Pakistan , during a joint CIA-Pakistani intelligence operation. This is a big victory. Baradar is described in reports as the Taliban’s top military commander and second only to Mullah Omar in the Taliban hierarchy. One British report states that Baradar “is the most senior Afghan Taliban leader arrested since the beginning of the Afghan war in 2001.”

Baradar is reportedly talking to his interrogators. The reason Baradar is talking is because, unfortunately for him, he is being held in Pakistan and has most likely been subjected to “enhanced” interrogation methods like the ones Barack Obama banned. The last time I checked, the ACLU’s Karachi chapter was pretty small.

If we learn anything useful from Baradar’s interrogation, we can be thankful that he wasn’t arrested in the United States on a major holiday trying to blow up an airliner full of passengers. As we learned from the Christmas Day bomber incident, it is the policy of the Obama Administration to tell foreign terrorists who attack on U.S. soil or in U.S. airspace that they can refuse to talk and will be given a lawyer.

Biden Declares Victory

One of the requirements of being a liberal is that you must possess unbelievable gall. For example, last week Vice President Joe Biden declared that success in Iraq would be considered one of the Obama Administration’s “great achievements.” Last weekend, Biden accused former Vice President Dick Cheney of trying to “rewrite history.” If anyone is trying to rewrite history, it’s Joe Biden.

In October 2002, then-Senator Biden joined 76 of his colleagues in voting to approve the use of military force against Iraq . At the time Biden said, “We have no choice but to eliminate the threat [Saddam Hussein]. This is a guy who is an extreme danger to the world.” (Click here for the video.)

But as the radical anti-war Left began to flex its muscles within his party, Biden began to demonstrate his flexibility and quickly lost faith in his own judgment regarding the justness of the war. When it became clear that America was at risk of losing in Iraq and needed a new strategy for success, Biden opted for surrender.

In February 2007, along with then-Senator Barack Obama, Biden voted against sending reinforcements to Iraq and opposed the Bush/Petraeus surge strategy. (Click here for the video.) What was Biden’s solution? To divide Iraq into three separate nations.

Now, with the war mostly won and success handed to the new administration on a silver platter, Biden has the gall to reverse course yet again and take credit for America ’s victory in Iraq .

Bayh Says “Goodbye”

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D) shocked the political establishment yesterday by announcing that he will not seek reelection. While the roiling political landscape guaranteed Bayh a tough run, most political analysts gave the two-term senator better than even odds at reelection. Adding to the surprise of Bayh’s announcement is that he has the third largest war chest among Senate incumbents with just under $13 million in the bank. None of his conservative challengers is close to having that much cash.

This morning, many pundits are singing Bayh’s praises and bemoaning his retirement. I feel compelled to devote some space in this report to debunking the myth of “Evan Bayh, the bi-partisan moderate.” While Bayh occasionally threw a bone to his conservative Hoosier constituency, his rating with Citizens Against Government Waste is 25%, and 19% with the National Taxpayers Union. It is just as bad with pro-family, pro-life groups. Here’s a sample of Bayh’s voting record:

  • FOR socialized medicine.
  • FOR hate crimes legislation.
  • FOR Obama’s pork-barrel spending stimulus bill.
  • FOR taxpayer-funding of groups that promote abortion.
  • FOR card-check legislation.
  • AGAINST English as our national language.
  • AGAINST efforts to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
  • AGAINST the confirmation of Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito.
  • AGAINST domestic oil exploration.

This is what many in the “mainstream” media are holding up as representative of the “moderate center” in American politics. Only when compared to the leftwing establishment in Washington could a record like that be considered “moderate.”

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