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AFP: Action Alert – Cut State Spending Now!

AFP Oregon
February 18, 2010

Measures 66 and 67’s huge, job-killing taxes were only the tip of the iceberg!  Even after increasing taxes and fees by $2 billion in the current 2-year budget, Oregon Legislators have suddenly discovered more than $4 billion in “budget shortfalls” in the next four years and have had the nerve to seriously mention the bankrupt federal government as a possible source for additional funding.  Given their recent history, what solution do you think Legislators are likely to come up with for these shortfalls?  AFP is urging its Members to contact their State Representative and State Senator right now to urge an immediate freeze and then a reduction in government spending.

Oregon State government spending increases are completely unsustainable.  Most of the “shortfall” is due to scheduled spending increases needed to pay for government employee union worker salary and benefit increases and over-inflated projected “roll up” costs of State programs.  Our state is lurching from crisis to crisis, all the while ignoring (or taking actions to make worse) Oregon’s number one issue – jobs!  Every dollar that is committed to be spent in the current budget obligates taxpayers to spend $1.07-$1.20 in the next budget.  Conversely, every dollar cut from the budget now saves taxpayers $1.07 – $1.20 in the next budget!  With our state mired in a recession that is likely to get worse before it gets better, Legislators would be irresponsible to fail to cut spending now.

Legislative leaders have little respect for our grassroots, limited government movement.  They believe we are powerless and will not take strong action against their liberal agenda.  Show them they are wrong!

AFP Members are urged to CLICK HERE to send an email to their State Representative and State Senator demanding that spending be first frozen, and then cut now.

Thank you for standing up for fiscal responsibility in Oregon.

Yours in Freedom,

Jeff Kropf, State Director


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