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Other: Independent Poll Shows Dudley Strength In Race For Governor…

Today, Rasmussen, a leading national polling firm, released a public opinion poll that puts Chris within striking distance of both Former Governor John Kitzhaber and Former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. After just two months of campaigning, Dudley trails Kitzhaber by just 6 points and Bradbury by just 3 points!

This poll proves that the momentum Chris has been hearing and feeling out on the trail is felt across Oregon.  The voters are saying loud and clear, they want someone from outside government and not tangled up in special interests to lead our state.

The frustration with politics as usual and the status quo is more apparent than ever.  Both Kitzhaber and Bradbury are representative of the politics of the past and are viewed unfavorably by a significant portion of those polled.

Most notable in Rasmussen’s report is the results among Independents where Chris Dudley beats Former Governor John Kitzhaber.  The trend of independents supporting and voting for the outsider in the race, started in New Jersey and Massachusetts, has reached Oregon.

Chris Dudley will be the outsider that Oregonians can trust to make the difficult decisions to get the state back on track.  But, Chris needs your help to win so we move Oregon in a new direction. Join Chris’ team with a contribution of $10, $25, $100 or even more – whatever you can give today is important to the fight!

Thank you for your support!

Chris Guluigan-Taylor
Campaign Manager
Chris Dudley for Governor

Read the full poll here.

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