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Other: Oregon Farm Bureau Endorses Chris Dudley For Governor

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In Case You Missed It: Oregon Farm Bureau Endorses Chris Dudley For Governor

Today, the Oregon Farm Bureau announced their official endorsement for Chris Dudley for Governor of Oregon.  Please take a minute to read Jeff Mapes’ blog on their endorsement:

Dudley scores backing from Farm Bureau
By Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian
February 19, 2010

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley on Friday was endorsed by the Oregon Farm Bureau, which is one of the most important political groups on the GOP side of the political divide.

The farm bureau’s backing comes after another important Republican-leaning group, the Oregon Restaurant Association, also announced that it would support the former professional basketball player.

Paulette Pyle, a pesticide and agricultural lobbyist who is backing Dudley, said the farm bureau endorsement sends an important signal to the rest of the natural-resource community about coalescing around Dudley.

She said that in addition to praising Dudley’s “business mind,” farm bureau officials also thought he was the best positioned Republican to win because of his fundraising and his potential appeal in the populous Portland area (Dudley played for the Trail Blazers for several years).

Barry Bushue, the farm bureau president, was struck by Dudley’s “real sincerity” and openness to working with the agricultural community.  Because of Dudley’s lack of political experience, “he comes unencumbered. He doesn’t have the debts owed to other folks.”

And, said Bushue, “you can’t ignore the fundraising.”  Dudley has raised more than $800,000 so far, compared to less than $330,000 for Alley.”
Read Jeff Mapes Blog Here.
Read The Farm Bureau’s Endorsement Here.

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