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ORP: Letters to Reps. Greg Smith and Bob Jenson

From: Bill Elfering (Chair of the Umatilla County Republican Central Committee.)
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 11:21 PM
To: ‘Bob Tiernan’
Subject: RE: Letters to Reps. Greg Smith and Bob Jenson

Mr. Chairman, I have personally heard their explanations and feel they will not hesitate to share them with you.

Were I you, Mr. Chairman, I would be somewhat cautious of those “who throw stones” regarding the tax legislation that increased taxes for all Oregonians.  I understand that many were quite vocal at your meeting in Portland which I was, unfortunately, unable to attend.  Until those “rock throwers” are more successful in removing extreme liberals from their own local districts, it will be impossible for honorable Republicans to fully serve us in ours without being forced to the compromise table.  Frankly, as you know, we, as Republicans, are outvoted in the legislature.  Preservation of our way of life and our institutions in our Republican districts sometimes require compromise in order to avoid elimination.  So, I would suggest that we pay more attention to clearing out Democrats in the Willamette Valley so that Republicans in the rest of the state have the strength to avoid the compromise table.  Of course the tax measures were unwanted and repulsive; such is sometimes the nature of politics.

Further, Mr. Chairman, may I remind you that it is the voters in these two Eastern Oregon districts who have repeatedly returned these two gentlemen to Salem not the Oregon Republican Party nor the vociferous Republican “rock throwers” elsewhere in Oregon.  And it is because of the overall quality of their representation.  So, be not hasty in your condemnation.  You have far better targets.   Let’s go after Democrats so as to give our Republicans the opportunity to be stronger Republicans.  Our districts will handle our  own representation.

I would ask that they share with me a copy of their response to you on the tax issues and, in particular, the other matters raised in your letter.


Bill Elfering, Chairman

Umatilla County Republican Central Committee

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