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ORP: Letters to Reps. Greg Smith and Bob Jenson

TO:  Oregon Republican Party Central Committee
FROM:  Bob Tiernan, Chairman
DATE:  March 4, 2010

SUBJECT:  Representative Smith and Jenson — Renounce the support of the public employee unions, their allies and the Democratic Party and explain your YES votes in favor of higher taxes to your district and your fellow Republicans

I am attaching for your review the personal letter I sent to both Representative Greg Smith and Representative Bob Jenson this morning by e-mail and Federal Express.  In that letter I am asking them to renounce the support of the public employee unions, their allies and the Democratic Party who have pledged to support their campaigns as a result of their pro-tax votes.  In addition, I am asking them to explain their YES votes in favor of higher taxes to their district and their fellow Republicans.

I am also attaching the ORP Press Release that went out at noon today.

Unless we stand strong together we cannot be an effective party.  Reps. Smith and Jenson’s vote for these tax increases were the deciding factor that allowed these damaging measures to pass.  They are not only responsible for these job-killing tax increases, they abandoned their Party and their fellow Republicans in doing so.

It is not a surprise to find out now, that not only are the Democrats are NOT running a candidate against Smith or Jenson, but the public employee unions — the financial backbone of the Democratic Party who funded the misleading pro-tax campaign — have pledged their monetary, consulting and grassroots support to both Smith and Jenson for their campaigns.

I have asked them to renounce any assistance from the public employee unions and their allies, as well as adequately explain their actions on the tax votes, on behalf of their district and the Republican Party. If they choose to not reject this support from the unions and their allies, I am asking each of them to remove themselves from the Republican Party Primary.

Thank you for your service and dedication to the Oregon Republican Party.



Bob Tiernan, Chairman
Oregon Republican Party
PO Box 25406
Portland, OR  97298
(503) 595-8881

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