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AFP: The Most Important Vote In Decades

Patients First a Project of Americans for Prosperity

The most important vote the House of Representatives has taken in decades is approaching. It will be a very close vote with every Congressional Member’s decision having the potential to deliver or block government-run health care. Despite widespread antipathy among the public and bipartisan opposition in Congress, Speaker Pelosi and her cabal propose ever more convoluted schemes and arcane rules to ram this health care bill through.

Much of the speculation on how this bill will be passed has revolved around the President’s proposal that will supposedly “fix” H.R. 3590, the Senate-passed bill with all the ugly pork-barrel deals that have come to characterize the health care debate. But first they have to pass H.R. 3590.

Today the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office poured a little more cold water on that bill. It announced that the bill will actually cost more and save less. Unfortunately, the bill still raids over $122 billion from the Social Security program and the CLASS Act to achieve its projected $118 billion of “savings.” This is such a scam that even the Chief Actuary of the CMS (the agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid) called Democrats out on double-counting revenue to avoid showing an increase to the deficit.

We need your help in calling your Representative to tell him or her to vote NO on H.R. 3590. America cannot afford a $2.5 billion health care takeover.

Call Congress today and tell them we need jobs not a government takeover of health care that will tax small businesses and rob families of their health care choices. We simply can’t afford a $2.5 billion health care takeover.


Patients First Team


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