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AFP: Join AFP for “America Speaks” Next Month

AFP Oregon

Our national debt has just exceeded $13 TRILLION.  What many people don’t know is that our unfunded liabilities for the next 50 years (promises of future spending on programs like Medicare and Social Security) come to between $70-$100 TRILLION.  This is not speculation, this is math, and will break our country if we don’t address it.

On June 26th at 8:30AM at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, there will be a national conference on these issues.  YOU CAN TAKE PART. A dozen cities will be linked up electronically as we discuss the federal debt and how to address it.  Liberals will be bringing their views, so we need to make sure that FISCAL CONSERVATIVES bring their views too.  Almost 1,000 people will be at the Portland Convention Center to take part.  Registration is FREE.  To register, just follow the “JOIN THE DISCUSSION LINKS” on this web site:

For those of you who have attended the annual Republican Dorchester conference, it will be similar – but sized up.  People will sit at tables of 8-10 people.  There will be conservatives, liberals, and non-affiliateds at every table.  People of different backgrounds and walks of life.  Just like at Dorchester, questions will be debated.  Everyone will have a chance to debate, and voting will take place with an electronic keypad that will be issued to everyone.  REGISTRATION AND PARTICIPATION IS FREE!  At the end of the day, everyone will get a written summary of the results with a full report to be released about two weeks later.

This is going to be BIG.  If conservatives don’t show up, the Left will get the microphones – and the news coverage – to themselves.  The Left will get a jump on framing this important debate.  Register and participate to ensure conservative views are at every table.  THIS IS THE MAKE OR BREAK ISSUE FOR OUR NATION.
Participation in this conference is being backed by Americans for Prosperity, the Cascade Policy Institute, the Oregon TEA Party, the Oregon 9/12 Project, Rebuild Oregon, and We The People of Southwest Washington.  Leaders from these organizations have been invited to help out on the AmericaSpeaks local leadership team.  The Taxpayer Association of Oregon and other organizations have also agreed to help spread the word on this conference.


Registration and participation is FREE.  Wear your favorite patriotic T-shirt.  Come with your friends.  Have fun!  But most of all, REGISTER AND TAKE PART – IT COSTS NOTHING.  You may not change the minds of people who are invested in their ideology.  But there will be many who are new to the political process who will be receptive to what you have to say – especially young people.  To help you, this link contains the text of the AFP University course on informal debateInformation about the conference is attached as well.

Richard P. Burke, Dir. of Grass Roots Development
Americans for Prosperity – Oregon

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