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AFP-Oregon Joins in Opposition to Eastside Forest Plan

AFP-Oregon has joined many other groups is opposition to Sen. Wyden’s “Eastside Forest Plan.”  You can read the joint resolution here.  AFP Members who agree are encouraged to contact Senator Wyden.

From the State Director:

Greetings fellow patriots:

“When I feel the heat, I see the light” -Former US Senate Majority Leader Everett Dirksen (IL)

My friends, it is time to help our elected public servants see the light, by turning up the heat. That is what we achieved on April 15th when AFP OR chapters assisted in 27 of Oregon’s 35 tea party protests and the press took a much greater notice this time around. The political rulers of our state at all levels are keenly aware of who we are and getting very worried, as they should be. “November is Coming”!

Our November is Coming initiative will make it unmistakably clear to our elected officials that they either need to change their ways or start looking for another job.

The primary races are over and now we know who the major party candidates are going to be for partisan races this November, with the minor parties still needing to pick their candidates in the coming months. Thanks to all of our local AFP OR chapters who organized or participated in candidate forums, townhalls or invited candidates to their meetings. You clearly made an impact as I received quite a bit of feedback on your activities from candidates and you are to be congratulated.

Also to be congratulated are the Lane and Polk County chapters that worked to defeat 2 local tax increases and Marion County AFP which helped defeat a very bad home rule charter amendment.

AFP’s national focus remains on continuing to fight the resurgent Cap and Trade tax increase, the EPA power grab in adding new regulations (and raising your energy costs) that reclassify CO2 as a pollutant,  the FCC takeover of  the internet and the “November is Coming” effort, which seeks to influence the outcome of the November elections in targeted states through massive voter education, issue advertising and a grassroots mobilization effort. The objective will be to help candidates get elected who will protect and advance our free enterprise, limited government system.

Additionally, AFP OR’s focus is to continue to improve our grassroots effectiveness at the local level through better communication, new AFP University training modules and new tools in the local initiative process. At the statewide level, our focus is to create an Oregon “November is Coming” effect, by working with other grassroots groups to educate voters, hold events and grow AFP OR’s membership. The stronger and larger we grow, the more effective we will be in bringing about the change we want.

In creating our “November is Coming” effect, we intend to utilize a dual strategy that builds upon offering solutions to the state/local budget challenges and framing the debate on national issues that affect Oregonians in a way which gives the voter a clear choice in who to vote for. Stay tuned for these two strategies becoming available for you to employ at the local chapter level soon.

There also two opportunities for you to participate in limited government rallies, the AFP “RightOnline®” new media seminar in Las Vegas on July 23,24 at the Venetian Hotel, where Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann will be our keynote speaker and the 4th annual AFP “Defending the American Dream®” Summit in Washington DC, coinciding with the Glenn Beck Lincoln Memorial event on August 27, 28. If you are interested in either of these events, or in attending, please click on the links.

Lastly, we are starting a new effort at increasing our ability to help politicians “see the light” by offering an opportunity for you to help grow AFP Oregon’s membership. Watch for an email in the next few days detailing how you can earn a full or partial travel scholarship to one of the two AFP sponsored events in Las Vegas or DC. It will be simple and easy to participate, with many gifts that can be earned even before the travel scholarships.

Yours in freedom, Jeff Kropf

From Richard Burke:


Between last year’s Measure 66/67 tax fight, fighting ObamaCare, organizing TEA parties, and the primary election, some of our activists are feeling the first tugs of burnout.  Fear not, SUMMER IS COMING.  But before we ease up on the throttle, it is important to gather ourselves for one more PUSH!


There are some important deadlines coming.  On July 2, all
signature sheets must be turned in for the GAS TAX INITIATIVE and the REDISTRICTING INITIATIVE.  It’s coming FAST!!!


The Gas Tax initiative would require a vote of the people before virtually any transportation tax, including gas taxes, could be enacted.  It also stops collection on the transportation taxes enacted by the legislature in 2009.  Many of these taxes have not kicked in yet – but you will feel them when they do! These will hit everyone – not just rich folks.
Want to keep your money?  Start collecting signatures now.  Deadline is July 2. Email me at [email protected] with your mailing address and I will send you sheets. If you cannot collect but want to sign, you can download a single signer signature sheet at  Mail your signed petitions to VOLUNTEER OFFICE 7100 SW HAMPTON, TIGARD 97223.

Another initiative would take redistricting out of the partisan hands of the Secretary of State.  Given that redistricting will happen soon, this could determine whether you are in a district that makes political or geographic sense or not.  Redistricting has been used to stack the deck of in favor of one party or the other, and we’ve all had enough of that.  Let us know if you want to sign or circulate this petition.

During the next legislature, there could be an effort to
establish a single-payer government run health care system in Oregon.  YUK!  Want to do something about it? Then sign or circulate the petition which would amend the Oregon constitution to establish as a right the freedom to purchase private health insurance.  Let us know if you are interested in this initiative.  The deadline is not as tight for this one because it will be on the 2012 ballot – not this year’s ballot.

Americans for Prosperity-Oregon has endorsed a project called “AMERICA SPEAKS” where you will be able to put into practice the AFP University Unit on DEBATE.  About 500 people of all ages and political stripes will gather at the Oregon Convention Center at 8:30am on June 26th to discuss the FEDERAL DEBT and our UNFUNDED LIABILITIES totaling between $70-100 !!TRILLION!!
This gathering, and 11 more like it across the nation, will be
connected via satellite.  Every participant will get a keypad to
register their opinions.  This event is also supported by the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Enterprise Institute, Cascade Policy Institute, the Oregon TEA Party, and others.  If you have ever participated in the annual Dorchester conference, you will see that this will be organized similarly – only scaled up.  You will be seated with others around the table (some liberal, some conservative, some simply confused and looking for answers).  You will debate the questions before you and vote.  It is a GREAT chance to hone your debating skills and, while you may not convince many liberals of your view, you might bring some new people to our cause.

To register, follow the “JOIN THE DISCUSSION” links at:


For the first two years of it’s existence in Oregon, AFP as an
organization has grown at a breakneck pace.  Now, we have 31 chapters in 28 counties, one affiliated organization, and seven new chapters that want to get started.  With the exception of a few counties like Wheeler and Gilliam, the entire state will be organized. A few chapters are still getting started, and other chapters are experiencing ebbs and flows in participation.  But most chapters are stable, enjoy good participation, and are constantly active doing something to support limited government and free enterprise.
But as our chapters grow, certain new challenges have emerged. Sometimes, groups of people within a chapter have disagreements about how to proceed on a project or even which projects to undertake.  Sometimes, as our chapters become better known within their communities, chapter leaders become targets as they become the face of the organization. Sometimes, our chapter leaders risk burnout as they take on too much of the work associated with a chapter.
To stop these problems in their tracks, we are asking our chapters to organize differently.  Some have already done this with great success, but the rest will follow. Instead of just having a chapter leader and an assistant, we will now have a small board in each of our chapters big enough to support one. There will still be a chair and assistant, but there will also be a Communication Director.  The Communication Director will be responsible for making sure that someone from the chapter participates in the periodic leadership conference calls.  He or she will also do what they can to remind members of meetings, working with AFP staff to take
advantage of available email blast and robo-call opportunities
Decisions made between meetings will be made by the board through consensus, not just by the chapter chair, ensuring that multiple opinions are well represented by leadership.  Decisions requiring public announcements will be made by the Communication Director.  All of this will provide more leadership opportunities for more people, ensure that
people feel that their opinions are represented within chapter
leadership, reduce the likelihood that the chapter leader will become a target of other groups, and ensure that the chapter does not fall away from communicating with other AFP chapters and AFP staff.

This new kind of chapter organization will ensure that AFP continues to mature as an organization, will help our local chapters avoid problems that often hit organizations with one or two leaders, and provide leadership opportunities to help us with our mission of developing the grass roots to create enduring political change in the support of limited government and free enterprise.

Richard P. Burke, Director of Grassroots Development

Americans For Prosperity – Oregon • PO Box 130 • Sublimity, OR 97385 • Phone: 541.729.6229

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