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NRP: Billions in Spending Cuts

House Republicans have already offered more than $120 billion in common-sense spending reductions, backed by over 1.3 million votes from the American People.

This week’s YouCut winner, proposed by Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas, highlights a particularly egregious example of government waste – taxpayer subsidized “sleeper car” Amtrak service. Right now, people are enjoying first-class travel complete with evening turn-down service, complimentary movies, meals and access to first-class lounges thanks to over $100 million a year in taxpayer subsidies.

Is it really fair to ask taxpayers, many of whom are struggling to pay their own bills, to subsidize these luxuries? We brought this YouCut item to the House floor and forced an up-or-down vote on ending this wasteful spending, so that you could see where your Representatives stood on that question.

The next five cuts are already up on the website – will you vote for cutting the $1 billion in paycheck subsidies under a program where most recipients don’t even meet the program’s self-defined requirements? Or perhaps you will vote to cut the millions of your tax dollars going to pay for election campaigns in other countries?

Each week, it is your voice that enables the YouCut program to keep the spotlight on wasteful spending – click here to cast your vote on the next five YouCut proposals. Together, we are changing the culture of spending that dominates Washington into a culture of savings.


Eric Cantor
House Republican Whip

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