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July in Review

It has been a busy and productive month for our campaign.  I owe a lot of gratitude to all the friends and volunteers who have helped us build considerable momentum this month.  We are right where we need to be as we enter the final 97 days of our campaign.  Below are a few of the highlights from the past month.

A Surprise New Opponent

Just after the Fourth of July weekend, Rep. David Edwards announced that due, in part, to his wife’s health he decided to abandon his re-election campaign.  Amanda and I wish David, his wife, and his family all the best.  With Edwards’s departure came the entrance of Doug Ainge into the race.  Doug received the Democrat Party’s nomination and will appear on the ballot in November.

Having a different opponent doesn’t change our objective – working hard for pro-job-creation policies, fiscal discipline, and prioritizing education.  We continue to need your help to do this.  Please donate or sign up to host a lawn sign or volunteer today.

Education Leader Endorsements

This month I had the pleasure of receiving endorsements from three Hillsboro School District Board members.  School Board Chair Carolyn Ortman, Vice-Chair John Peterson, and Board Member Hugh O’Donnell all joined our team.

“Shawn Lindsay understands the urgency of stable and sufficient education funding,” stated O’Donnell.  “When he gets to Salem, he will hit the ground running.”

Read the press release here

Rewarded for Hard Work

Our campaign is pleased to be one of just three recognized this month for our achievement through hard work.  The House Republicans recently donated $4,000 to recognize us for our results in the following several grassroots and fundraising activities: 1-me personally knocking 1,716 doors, 2-volunteers knocking 2,284 doors, 3-me personally contacting over 1,000 voters at fairs, parades, and other open venues, 4-signing up over 100 lawn sign locations, and 5-raising over $7,500.

Engaged in the Community

From Hillsboro’s Independence Day Parade to Gov. Mitt Romney’s recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been out and about throughout July.  Along the way, we’ve met a lot of new people and sincerely appreciate those that have become engaged in our campaign.

Please help us grow on our success today by (1) clicking here to volunteer and (2) giving the most generous contribution you can afford.  Whether it be hosting a lawn sign or contributing $25 or $2,500, your support is significant in helping us as we work to strengthen Oregon’s economy, bring back fiscal discipline, and bring balance to our state government.

Thank you for all your support.  We could not do this without you.



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Please remember, if you are an Oregon taxpayer, to use your

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to contribute to Shawn’s campaign.

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