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August 2010
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AFP: Prosperity Alert: August 2010


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AFP in the news

AFP’s Phil Kerpen stresses the importance of cutting government spending.

C-SPAN covers AFPF’s RightOnline Conference on July 23-24.

Daily Caller
Erik Telford showcases the leaps and bounds made by conservatives in the field of online activism.

National Review
Phil Kerpen discusses the possibility of avoiding a lame duck session of Congress.

The Hill
Congressman Mike Pence speaks at RightOnline 2010 and tells activists to carry the message to the public.

AFP’s Mark Block comments on the outrageous spending habits of Washington politicians.

Charlotte Observer
Dallas Woodhouse discusses the impact of the tax increases passed by the North Carolina legislature this year.


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Prosperity Alert: August 2010


Defending the American Dream Summit – August 27& 28

Americans for Prosperity Foundation will be holding its 4th annual Defending the American Dream Summit on August 27-28 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington D.C.  Join America’s foremost free-market voices, top experts on grassroots mobilization, and the nation’s largest gathering of grassroots leaders from across the country in a massive show of force for our shared belief in lower taxes and more limited government.  Click here for more information and to register!

Over the past year Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, and President Obama seized control of our health care system and continue to take over the free market at an alarming rate.

Americans like you stood up and started an unprecedented grassroots movement that has changed the course of our nation. You’ve taken time away from work and family to fight the radical Left agenda and defend our freedom.

Now you and your family can take your message straight to the politicians in Washington and learn how you and your children and grandchildren can get involved in the movement to take back our country. The Defending the American Dream Summit will feature interactive workshops and training sessions to teach teens and college students why it is important to stand up for conservative values and how they too can fight for liberty. On August 28th, we will join tens of thousands of fellow patriots at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally.

Click here for more information on the Defending the American Dream Summit!

Click here to register now!

Take Action


Get involved with November is Coming now!
AFP needs your help to educate citizens on the importance of free markets and limited government, and to put grassroots pressure on policy makers to embrace these values. Become a citizen leader today by going door to door, phone banking, or help AFP organize in your neighborhood today! Click here for more information.

November is Coming! Tell us your story.
November is fast approaching, and AFP wants to know what you’re doing to prepare. What actions are you taking? How are you helping the free-market movement? Click here to submit your story!

Sign the Spending Revolt Pledge!
The national debt is rising at unprecedented rates. Current spending levels are downright unsustainable. Sign the Spending Revolt pledge now, and let your representatives know that you will only support leaders who will limit federal spending to 20% of GDP or less. Click here to sign the pledge.

Stop Harry Reid’s Lame Duck Cap-and-Trade Plans!
Senator Reid is trying to slip cap-and-trade through the Senate by hiding it in a lame duck session. Reid knows that the American people will never support cap-and-trade energy taxes, so he removed it from his most recent energy proposal. Click here to tell your Senators to support Sen. Johann’s amendment, which would block cap-and-trade from being added to a conference report or House bill!

Activist of the Month – Emery McClendon


Photo courtesy of Emery McClendon

Name: Emery McClendon
Age: 58
Hometown: Ft. Wayne, IN

For years, Emery McClendon has been working to protect the American ideals that he believes in. After serving in both the United States Air Force and the Indiana Air Guard, Mr. McClendon wanted to do more for the troops and for his community. He started Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day (, an annual gathering in Fort Wayne in which members and supporters of the military can express their appreciation for those who have served. “I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough,” says Mr. McClendon. When he heard about the blossoming Tea Party movement, he noticed that there were no groups in Fort Wayne. Mr. McClendon went to the mayor’s office and paid for a permit to hold a rally out of his own pocket, thus beginning the Fort Wayne Tea Party.

Mr. McClendon is now very active in the Tea Party movement. He is a blogger and a board member of The Liberty Coalition (, which is working to unite and coordinate tea party groups across the nation. Mr. McClendon has also participated in numerous Americans for Prosperity state and national events, including last year’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C. For his efforts, Mr. McClendon was presented with the RightOnline Activist of the Year award at this year’s RightOnline Conference.

Thank you Mr. McClendon, for all the hard work you have done, and congratulations on being named an AFP Activist of the Month.

Activist of the Month – Nansen Malin


Photo courtesy of Nansen Malin

Name: Nansen Malin
Age: 56
Hometown: Seaview, WA

Nansen Malin was an early adopter of Twitter, the online social network, who decided to use the platform to make her conservative viewpoint heard on issues ranging from local concerns in her Washington community, to state party politics, to national developments like the Tea Party movement. Her online presence has grown to the point where she is now the most followed non-celebrity on Twitter with over 231,000 fans ( She has become such an active and important online voice that her tweets have at times influenced the traditional media. When she was present at and tweeted about Michael Steele’s election to the chairmanship of the RNC, her tweets were used as primary sources by various news outlets.

While she is regarded as an expert on new media and has consulted for numerous politicians, candidates, bloggers, and interest groups, Malin remains modest. “I’m just me,” she says. “I’m what everyone else could be”. Malin says that her goal is to use messaging to bring about action that will produce real change. For her leadership in online activism, Malin was recently awarded Americans for Prosperity’s ‘Al Gore’ Award for Online Excellence.

A special thank you goes to Nansen for setting an example for all of the activists out there and congratulations for being named an AFP Activist of the Month!

November is Coming Efforts

Recent Events

November is Coming Rally in Las Vegas
On July 24th, Americans for Prosperity held a November is Coming rally at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Upon completion of the rally, activists filled 12 buses and traveled to local neighborhoods to educate citizens on Sen. Harry Reid’s voting record. Dozens more activists filled a phone bank set up inside the Venetian and made calls with a similar message. To see media coverage of the rally and bus efforts, click here.

Dick Morris Speaks at November is Coming rallies in Virginia and Arkansas
On July 19th, Fox News Contributer and former White House Advisor Dick Morris and AFP’s own Ben Marchi spoke to crowds in excess of 200 people in Danville and Appomattox and then to a crowd exceeding 600 in Charlottesville, Virginia. To learn more about these Virginia events, click here.

AFP Arkansas also hosted Dick Morris on July 15th. The Arkansas chapter held November is Coming events July 14-15, and hosted more than 700 activists at their Mountain Home event. To learn more, click here.

AFP Colorado Hosts Voter Education Drive
More than 80 free-market activists gathered for a November is Coming rally in Grand Valley, CO on July 20. They made calls and marched door-to-door in an effort to educate citizens on Rep. John Salazar’s record of voting for big government takeovers. These activists put pressure on Salazar to stop the government takeovers and bailouts. To read more, click here. To see photos, click here.

Upcoming Events

November is Coming Set to Roll Through Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan
AFP’s November is Coming Tour will be travelling through Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in the coming weeks. For more information, to sign the November is Coming petition, or to sign up to attend, please click here.

RightOnline 2010 Wrap-up


Americans for Prosperity Foundation held its third annual RightOnline Conference on July 23-24. With over 1,100 activists in attendence, RightOnline was a tremendous success. Judge Andrew Napolitano, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Congressman Mike Pence were among the many speakers who addressed the Conference, and you can see video of their remarks by clicking here.

Click here to see the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s coverage of RightOnline 2010.

Click here to see photos from RightOnline.

Thanks to everyone who made RightOnline such a success this year!

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