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Gathering of the Eagles

A Welcome Message from Dr. William “Ames” Curtright, DBA

A few years back I had an idea that if we could have an annual outdoor function where concerned, patriotic conservative Republicans could gather together, we could begin to unify the “new” conservative Republican Party that would join all independent organizations and that would represent our tea party groups.

We may go by many different names; Independents, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, 912 Groups to name a few.  Put aside these names and you will find that we are all conservatives who want our principles to stand!

This small idea has grown into a very large event, where America’s common people can share an un-common idea; that when conservative people get together with a unified goal based on intelligence and with strong leadership, we can change the face and direction of our nation.

This unified group would gather together to share fellowship and inspiration; not unlike when our Lord sat and talked with his disciples and like our nations first leaders who outlined those spiritual principles.

Our purpose in gathering together here at the Ames Ranch is to bring unity, strength, wisdom and comradeship to the Oregon Republican Party in the pursuit of lower taxes and a smaller government.

It will be a time of good food, uplifting patriotic music, and a chance to hear the latest thoughts from some of our most distinguished and most conservative leaders.

Many representatives from great conservative organizations will have tables where you can learn more about their dynamic organizations.

“What is a Gathering of Eagles?”

We are a gathering of Americans who believe in these principles. We are Americans who believe in these spiritual principles of freedom; those freedoms founded by our forefathers and written into the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be self-evident and undeniably true.

We use words like “Freedom”, “God”, “Country”, and “Patriotism”. We talk about less government intrusion, inalienable rights, smaller government, and less taxes. We talk about a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”; not a government “of the bureaucrats, by the liberals”.  We want less government and that means more freedom.

We believe that with tax cuts, the American people can do better, live better and spend better than the government. We believe in a small government.

We believe in the Pledge of Allegiance and that God should be a part of our government and our schools.

Government should not oppress people’s freedom to express their faith. We believe in a Godly nation and a Christian nation. We believe that God exists and He has made himself known. We believe that certain spiritual truths exist in all free governments and that these pillars of faith must be maintained in our government to guarantee our freedoms.

We believe that taxes are a necessary evil, but should remain small.

We believe that business and the free market works best to distribute fairly our goods and services and business should prosper. The people are best served when government stays out of business and stays out of the way.

We believe that Liberalism and Socialism is the enemy of our people.

We believe that the stranglehold of the Teachers’ Union and all other government-dominating unions be stopped.

We believe in Vouchers for private education and that government should stay out of education.

We believe that the Constitution is a contract between our leaders and the people. We believe that the government needs to serve the people and that the people should not have to be afraid of its own government. Rather, if the government had a healthy fear and respect for the people, democracy would thrive and the doorway to tyranny would be locked tight.

We believe that government administrators should not have more power than any one man.

We believe People have the right to bear arms and the duty to overthrow their Government when it fails to perform and when resolution and legislation fail to correct it.

We believe administrations who violate our constitutional rights and lawmakers who pass laws they do not read should be held accountable and not only sent home for their wrong doings but punished to the full extent of the law.

We the People do not want any more Rinos or half way Republicans.  We want true conservative Republicans!

We believe in Principles that revolve around the First Spiritual Principles of God, Inalienable Rights, and the Right to Freedom.  The right to a small government and not to a dominating Federal or State government that takes away our personal freedoms.

We are here to coordinate communities to unify and to honor these Spiritual Principles.  To restore our freedoms, small government, and free enterprise.

Finally, we believe in our Constitution and we believe in America!

Together we will fight liberalism, socialism, progressivism, and communism and bring back our individual freedoms to choose our own destiny.

My name is Ames and those who know me understand that I hold no nonsense punches and give no ground when it comes to conservatism. ..Let me be your host for the Gathering of Eagles.

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