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AFP: See AFP’s new $4.1 Million TV AD on government spending

What’s the biggest danger to our prosperity, our jobs and more broadly our economic freedoms today?

It’s got to be government spending and the relentless growth of government bureaucracy and regulation at every level.

That’s why Americans for Prosperity Foundation just launched a $4,100,000 television ad effort to educate Americans on the dangers of this massive government spending and I want you to see it. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

This first ad called “Hollywood” details how the failed $862 billion Obama\Pelosi\Reid “Stimulus” bill was wasted on pet political projects, how it cost every American family an average of $10,000 and how it in reality killed genuine private sector jobs.

$4.1 million is a lot of money, but these ads are a critical investment in our future.  Can you help us to keep them on the air with a contribution today?  Even just $25 can help us to stay on the air with the facts that the Left doesn’t want Americans to hear.  CLICK HERE TO HELP FUND THESE ADS WITH A TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION.

In addition to our Foundation ad, AFP is executing a nationwide “Spending Revolt” bus tour to further drive home our message with Americans from all walks of life.  Not long ago, I climbed out of our bus and stood in San Francisco — the heart of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district — as we kicked off this tour to tell our fellow Americans about how government deficits, debt and regulation are literally killing the American Dream.

Some facts from AFP Foundation’s site that you ought to tell your friends and family about:

  • This year, the federal government will borrow about $12,500 per household to pay for its spending. [Source]
  • Despite claiming that the $862 billion stimulus package would keep unemployment below 8 percent, it is hovering around 9.5 percent with few signs of improving.
  • Public employees earned more than $120,000 per year in salary and benefits on average, compared to about $60,000 in the private sector. [Source]
  • From anti-poverty spending programs to defense and education, the federal government now spends a record $30,543 per household. [Source].

Check out this important site and see how you can get involved now by CLICKING HERE.

Our goal with these ads and bus tours is simple:  make sure that Americans understand and are focused on the danger that government over-spending presents to our prosperity and really to the American Dream.

You can help by forwarding this ad and site to your list of friends CLICK HERE.

In the meantime, I hope to see you on the road — I’ll be with the Spending Revolt bus up in Wisconsin this coming week so if you’re there come out and say hello! You can find the Spending Revolt bus tour on the website here.

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Let’s keep up the fight.  We’re winning and the Left knows it — that’s why the attacks are so nasty like this one on Americans for Prosperity from President Obama himself. CLICK HERE TO HEAR AUDIO OF HIS attack on you and AFP.

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