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Greg Smith: Rep. Greg Smith Supported By Crime Victims United


October 18, 2010

Rep. Greg Smith Supported By Crime Victims United


Heppner – Rep. Greg Smith (R – Heppner) has been endorsed by Crime Victims United for re-election as State Representative in House District 57. Crime Victims United is a statewide organization that advocates on behalf of crime victims and works to influence public safety issues in the Legislature.

“I share Crime Victims United’s efforts to promote a more balanced judicial system through legislative action and public awareness,” Rep. Smith said. “I’m honored to receive their endorsement and I look forward to working with Oregon’s crime victims to make our state a safer place.”

Crime Victims United endorsed Rep. Smith because of his efforts to uphold voter-approved measures that require mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of violent crimes. Rep. Smith has also worked to preserve and strengthen public safety services and Oregon’s corrections system – an effort that has also earned him the support of the union representing corrections employees.

“I’m committed to upholding Oregon’s public safety laws and holding people accountable for their crimes,” Rep. Smith said. “As State Representative, I’ll continue my efforts to give law enforcement the tools they need to do their jobs and improve public safety.”

This endorsement comes on top of the endorsements of the Oregon State Police Officers Association, Oregon Council of Police Associations and Trooper PAC.

Representative Smith also earned a 94% from the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance on the 2009-2010 Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Scorecard.

During the 2010 primary election, the Sheriffs of House District 57 had this to say about Representative Greg Smith.

“Representative Smith has shown through his voting that he is dedicated to the protection of the citizens and law enforcement officers of Northeast Oregon. Greg does a great job for our public safety.” -Union County Sheriff, Boyd Rasmussen

“Representative Smith has shown true diligence for the public safety of Wallowa County as he represents us in Salem.” -Wallowa County Sheriff, Fred Steen

“I have known Rep. Smith for a number of years as Morrow County Sheriff. He has always been an advocate for public safety. He and I have worked together multiple times in drafting legislation for public safety issues. He continues to be an advocate and an outstanding partner for the citizens of Morrow County.” -Morrow County Sheriff, Kenneth Matlack


Committee to Re-Elect Greg Smith
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