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Allen Alley: Election 2010 My Insights


As I said in May after the primary when I endorsed Chris Dudley to lead a slate of great young Republicans in our state races, this may very well be the most important election of our lives. Our state is among the leaders in hunger, homelessness and unemployment.  Our schools are rated near the bottom of every national ranking.  Chris and his fellow Republican candidates have solutions, but to be elected Republicans, Democrats and Independents will have to come together.  Unemployment has no political affiliation.  Homelessness is not a partisan issue.  Hunger hurts regardless of party registration. 

The State of our Nation
I have been sharing my views on state and local issues with you through the website. The State budget is critically important, but we also have even larger Federal budget and economic issues.  We need a Federal agenda that will balance our budget and focus on providing an environment for private sector career creation.

I wanted to say a few words about several folks who I know personally and are running for Federal offices.  Hopefully these perspectives provide you with an insight to the people that you will not get from other sources.  I encourage you to consider supporting each of them with donations and with your vote.

Jim Huffman (OR-Senate)
I have gotten to know Jim over the last year as we ran for office.  Jim understands the Constitution at a level that far exceeds anyone else I know.  We need Jim’s expertise in Washington.  I support Jim because he is a good man and will be a great Senator, but I am also supporting Jim because we need to send a message to the political insiders in DC.  We are tired of the special interests in DC running our country. As others have said, Oregon is different.  We will not continue to endorse East Coast back room politics as usual.  Click here to contribute to Jim.

Rob Cornilles (OR-District 1)
Rob is a small business guy.  He built his sports marketing firm from scratch.  He understands what it takes to balance a budget and meet a payroll.  In fact, people pay him to consult with them on how to manage their businesses.  Shouldn’t we have people in Washington who actually understand how to manage large, complex organizations?  I believe people serve like they campaign.  No matter how tired Rob is he always has time for people.  It is easy to tell Rob is running because, like us, he believes we (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) can and must do better.  We need him representing us in Washington.  Click here to contribute to Rob.

Scott Bruun (OR-District 5)
Scott Bruun is one of the reasons I ran for office.  When I went to Salem, I worked for a Democratic Governor.  Scott was universally recognized as someone who could understand both sides of any issue and who was a voice of reason.  We need that in Washington.  On the personal side, Scott and I climbed the hills of West Linn visiting constituents door-to-door.  Everywhere we went Scott was open and engaging.  Scott listened, really listened.  I have seen Scott in action far away from the cameras.  He cares about and reflects the values of all Oregonians.  Not just the members of one “team.”  Click here to contribute to Scott.

Jaime Herrera (WA-District 3)
I have met Jaime on several occasions and I am impressed.  She is passionate and smart.  More than that, she showed the good sense to marry my former Campaign Manager Dan Beutler.  He is an incredibly high integrity, honest, hard working guy.  I think the world of Dan Beutler and appreciate what he did for me and for our region.  We need smart, honest principled people in Washington who reflect the values of our region.  That is why I am supporting Jaime Herrera (and Dan) and I hope you will do the same.  Click here to contribute to Jaime.

We are a strong and noble nation not because we are the same.  But rather, because we are an alloy of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, tempered by the heat of our passion and quenched in the cooling discourse of our discussions.

Most Sincerely,


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