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November 2010
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AFP: You Should Be Proud – And Excited to Face the Work Ahead

AFP Oregon

We won!

What a powerful day it was yesterday as AFP members like you made a huge impact for freedom in America and in Oregon. Thanks to your hard work, conservative, limited government candidates were elected here to the Oregon legislature, defeating tax raising super-majorities in both the Senate and the House.  Oregonians created historic ties in both chambers. As of this writing, it appears the Senate will have 15 Republicans/15 Democrats and in the House 30 R’s and 30 D’s, which most political professionals would not have guessed possible even a few months ago. This is nearly the best outcome we could have hoped for in such a liberal state and means the opportunity for us to advance our limited government principles will be very real in the next few months.

While limited government candidates did not win the battles for Oregon seats in Congress on the west side of the mountains, we clearly did influence the outcome of the Governor’s race for the same reasons articulated above. While we still do not know the final results of this important race, the fact remains that the hard work of so many of you made a difference in educating your fellow citizens to the free market, limited government approach that was at the heart of the Governor’s race.

Over the next two months, AFP OR staff will travel to each local chapter in Oregon to hold meetings about how you can use the “Facing Reality” budget ideas (note: if this link does not work for any reason, please access it via  We would like you to meet with your state legislators in small groups prior to January to persuade them to commit to supporting these ideas. This will be the best time to get their undivided attention before they become very busy during the next legislative session and it will be your best opportunity to make the maximum impact for these limited government principles.  Please be sure and attend your upcoming AFP Chapter meetings to learn more about this important initiative!

Thanks again for the great work you all have done over the last few months. It has paid off as the balance of power has shifted from socialism to freedom.

Now, we must fight to not just retain that freedom, but advance it even further.

Yours in Freedom,

Jeff Kropf, State Director

AFP – Oregon

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