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AFP: Senate Republicans refuse to ban earmarks?!?


It’s only days after the November 2nd election but right now we’ve got two big challenges.  That’s why AFP is hosting an important event at the U.S. Capitol this Monday.   (Our new web site has the details.)

First, the Senate Republican Conference meets on Tuesday.  They will vote on free-market hero Jim DeMint’s motion to slap a two-year moratorium on pork-barrel earmarks.   Remember the “Bridge to Nowhere”?  Remember when Republicans last held Congress and earmarks exploded with all the accompanying waste, big spending, and corruption? Republicans said they learned their lesson.  Well, let’s remind them that we’re watching and that they need to prove it!

By CLICKING HERE you can send your message to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to:  “Demonstrate that Senate Republicans learned the lesson from the 2010 elections by supporting Jim DeMint’s moratorium on pork-barrel earmarks.” Normally, we urge folks to only contact their member of the House or Senate.  But, this pork-barrel earmark moratorium is a huge first test for the Senate Republicans so we think it’s important to the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell to hear from conservatives like you across the nation.

Second, the Pelosi/Reid “lame duck” session of Congress is set to begin this Monday.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi actually held a party to “celebrate” the “accomplishments” of Congress under her leadership. This Monday, Pelosi is bringing Congress back to town for one last attempt to cram through as much of her big-government agenda as possible.  Of course, Harry Reid will have the Senate back in D.C. as well.  This “Zombie Congress” will have dozens of losers already rejected by the voters.  But it also will have many members up for re-election in 2012 scared of what happened to their colleagues.

Our goal for the “lame duck” is simple:

*Avoid a huge tax increase by extending the current tax rates for every American.  No compromise can be made on this issue.  No tax hikes on investors, retirees, small businesses, or “the rich” in a weak economy. No death tax. No alternative minimum tax.

*Do not pass any new legislation that supports or funds the Left’s global warming agenda, the bailout for union pensions, funding for the Obama/Pelosi health care takeover or any other part of their agenda that was just repudiated by the American people in decisive fashion.

So, this Monday, November 15, at 12 noon Americans for Prosperity is hosting an event at our nation’s Capitol with guests such as Michelle Bachmann to send these two crucial messages.  You can join the effort by either attending this event or joining the “virtual march” on

Now we have our first opportunity since the election to hold members of Congress accountable.  Let’s make sure we do it!

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PS:  Yes, we’re still a little tired but it’s time to get back in the fight.   We have to win this crucial earmarks vote.   We have to stop the lame duck threat.  Join us at and Monday at the Capitol. Yes, we’ve all worked hard for the last year.  But, we’ve got to keep working if we’re going to win.

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