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November 2010
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AFP: Prosperity Alert: November 2010


In this issue

AFP in the news

Wall Street Journal
AFP’s Tim Phillips discusses the election returns and the major conservative wins in states like Virginia, Florida, and Arkansas.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
The Times-Dispatch recognizes the impact of AFP’s Freedom Phone system in educating citizens.

See Canadian Shona Holmes discuss the new Obamacare Bill and the nightmare that is government-run healthcare.

USA Today
AFP makes a splash with its “I Am AFP” rally in Oregon, opposite President Obama’s persistent attacks.
Phil Kerpen discusses the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration and the tragedy of his attacks on AFP.

Fox News
AFP Activist Jennifer Stefano appears on Neil Cavuto to explain the tea party message.
Virginians overwhelmingly reject Rep. Boucher’s cavalier support for the President’s cap-and-trade policies.

Edmond Sun
AFP’s Stuart Jolly explains the flawed logic behind Oklahoma’s latest ballot initiative for public education.

Phil Kerpen discusses the lessons that should be learned by the Obama Administration from this election cycle.

Americans for Prosperity
AFP’s James Valvo discusses the ability of the EPA to resurrect and enforce cap-and-trade without Congressional approval.


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Prosperity Alert: November 2010


Take Action – November Speaks Event – Nov. 15


November Speaks Event – Nov. 15 – Washington, D.C.
The Lame Duck Session is now a reality, with both the House and the Senate set to return Nov. 15th for a one week session, followed by a one week break for Thanksgiving, and at least one more week at the beginning of December. AFP activists will travel to the nation’s capital to tell Congress that November has spoken and Washington can’t ignore the American people in a lame duck session.

November Speaks Event on Capitol Hill
Monday, Nov. 15th,  NOON
Featuring Rep. Michele Bachmann and other speakers
Coalition Partners:
Institute for Liberty, Smart Girl Politics, Tea Party WDC, 60+ Association, and Let Freedom Ring
1st and Constitution (across from Cannon House Terrace)

If you can’t make our event in Washington, D.C., click here join the virtual March on Washington and let Congress know you won’t let them ignore the election.

Save the Date – U.N. Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico – Dec. 2nd


The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16) will meet in Cancun, Mexico from November 29 – December 10 2010; and Americans for Prosperity is taking our Hot Air Tour there to meet them on December 2nd. The COP meetings are a series of conferences aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions; transferring wealth and technology from developed to developing nations; and raising the cost of traditional energy in order to prop up politically popular new sources.

To stay up to date on AFP’s Hot Air Tour event planned for Dec. 2nd, click here!

National Review – An Opportunity, Not and Endorsement


Over the past several years, we’ve had the honor of working with millions of free-market activists across the country. You have taken time away from your families, your work, and your lives to get involved in the public-policy process in an unprecedented way. Washington ignored your concerns and pushed forward with a big-government agenda of out-of-control spending, regulation, and taxes. Voters decisively rejected that agenda in this election.

We caution Republicans, however, against interpreting this election as an endorsement of their recent performance, which has too often fallen short of their professed principles. This election provides an opportunity for Republicans to prove themselves worthy of the support of grassroots free-market activists. Indeed, this may be the best opportunity they will have for a generation.

Click here to read the rest of this article by AFP’s Tim Phillips and Phil Kerpen.

Activist of the Month – Reid Simpson


Photo courtesy of Reid Simpson.
Name: Reid Simpson
Age: 51
Hometown: Orting, WA

A self-employed software engineer from a rural town outside Tacoma, Simpson makes phone calls throughout the day while working on design projects for his clients. Even though this is his first time making grassroots phone calls, he has made over 2,100 calls in AFP’s Freedom Phone efforts, and was the first activist to break the 1,000 call barrier. Reid also helped by telling his phone banking story to hundreds of AFP activists on a strategy call earlier this month.

“I decided to start volunteering for Americans for Prosperity in late August by participating in their Freedom Phone Program, because I have seen the growth of the federal government explode to the point that I felt I needed to get involved in whatever way I could,” said Simpson. “I could no longer sit on the sidelines expecting my one vote to change things. I needed to get other people on board too. The Freedom Phone program was an easy way for me to spread the word that big government policies are ruining this country.”

A big AFP thank you to Reid Simpson and all of our Freedom Phone Bank callers for their hard work in making the Freedom Phones a huge success!

November is Coming Wrapup


Freedom Phones a Huge Success
Thank you to everyone who made calls in AFP’s Freedom Phone system! With your help, AFP activists called over 225,000 citizens to educate them about the voting records of their elected officials.

November is Coming – Texas
Joe the Plumber spoke to crowds at University of Texas-San Antonio as well as Texas A&M University on October 16 as part of AFP’s November is Coming efforts. Click here to see some of the media coverage!

November is Coming Bus Tour Hits Southern States
The November is Coming Bus rolled through several states in October, including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Click here to see media coverage from the South Carolina stop! Click here to see photos from the Dover, Ohio, stop!

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