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AFP: Tonight: Live Hot Air Tour Webcast

This morning I’m writing you from the United Nations Climate Change conference in Cancun, Mexico where thousands of radical environmentalists have gathered to plot their next moves.  You won’t believe the video of the UN delegates opening party as they gather to “save the world” — CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

Preparing for this conference, our own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said that the United States should spend $100 billion of our tax dollars to pay for developing countries to cut their own energy emissions in order to stop global warming.

Last week, President Obama’s lead negotiator for this UN Climate Change conference said that the United States will plow ahead with the Left’s radical agenda even without congressional action.  What arrogance.

You can join us live tonight at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time CLICK HERE FOR WEBCAST DETAILS for our special report from this UN conference as we detail the Left’s plans and what we’re doing at Americans for Prosperity to stop their job-killing, freedom-crushing agenda.

Our special guest will be Andrew Breitbart — one of our movement’s new media leaders and pioneers.  Andrew has closely tracked Al Gore and the global warming movement for years.  His insights are fascinating and important.

We’re winning with the American people on cap-and-trade and Al Gore’s radical environmental agenda.

But, we’ve got to keep up the pressure.  We’ve got to expose the fact that Obama and Reid and Pelosi are now planning to use un-elected bureaucracies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations to push forward their environmental agenda.

Taking them on at their own U.N. Climate Change conference is another step in doing just that.


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PS:  Join us live tonight at 8pm EST for a live webcast of the Hot Air Tour: Live from Cancun for a special report direct from the U.N Climate Change Conference to learn how the Left is trying to push through job killing global warming without a vote of congress.  Click here to join the webcast.

Make sure to watch our latest video: you won’t believe UN delegates opening party as they gather to “save the world” — CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

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