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Tax Alert: Home Sales Tax Bill before Oregon Legislature!

After politicians promised that a home sales tax would not be part of the 2011 Oregon Legislature, they did it anyways. We were shocked to discover the new home sales tax bill that was just submitted (read here). HB 2518 lifts the existing pre-emption on real estate transfer taxes so that government can tax homeowners if they try to sell their homes! This is outrageous, and dangerous to our home values and our economy.

Oregon home values are sinking faster than the national average. Why throw big taxes on crippled homeowners?

Sign the petition to outlaw home sales taxes.

There is a petition to stop these real estate transfer taxes. You can download the petition right from your computer. Please take a moment to see the Oregon petition to outlaw home sale taxes HERE.

Petitions make a huge difference in these political matters, and are easy to submit now that they can be legally downloaded. Please forward this to your family, co-workers, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

If everyone who receives this message were to download the petition and also email it to just one friend who signs, then we would have 140,000 signatures. It’s that easy.

Please download and sign the petition today.

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This news update is provided by Oregon Taxpayer Association, PO Box 23573, Tigard, OR, 97281

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