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AFP Action Alert! – Plastic Bag Ban Hearing Tuesday

AFP Oregon

Help AFP-Oregon stop pointless and expensive environmental regulations.  Click here to send an email message to your State Senator opposing SB 536 – the Plastic Bag Ban. [Note, if this link does not work for any reason, please visit and click on “Take Action” at the top of the homepage or in the right hand column].

Tomorrow, Tuesday February 8, the Oregon Senate will begin its consideration SB 536 – the Plastic Bag Ban – with a Committee hearing.  AFP-Oregon opposes this kind of government interference in what kinds of products are offered in the private marketplace.  Even though the bill is likely to only be “introduced” to the Committee tomorrow, having significant early opposition on record is important.

SB 536 would make Oregon the first state in America to ban both plastic and paper bags for use in Oregon grocery stores.  Paper bags with at least 40 percent recycled content would still be allowed – but only if consumers are charged at least 5 cents per bag.  This bill is a bad idea which would threaten jobs at just the time when the economy seems to have stabilized.  In addition, SB 536 would decrease consumer choice and increase consumer cost.  And if the State believes it can mandate your choice of grocery bags…what’s next?

Plastic bags are currently among the most recycled products around the home.  They are typically used to take out trash or pet waste, for storage of perishable foods and for many other uses.  Plastic bags also frequently find their way into the general recycling stream, as Oregonians take advantage of the numerous recycling stations at retailers across the state.

The environmental damage attributed to these bags has also been overblown, as a recent Oregon State University study proved.  How many times are we going to let the dishonest scare tactics of the extreme environmental movement stampede us into accepting additional curbs on our freedoms?

AFP Members are encouraged to CLICK HERE to send an email message to your State Senator urging a “NO” vote on SB 536.

Thank you for standing up for economic freedom and consumer choice.

Yours In Freedom,

Jeff Kropf, State Director

AFP – Oregon

P.S. – Please feel free to forward this message to friends – or have them visit – if you believe they would like to weigh in on the Plastic Bag Ban.

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