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February 2011
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UCRCC: 100 Billion Dollars in Cuts


Click here to learn more about HR 1

This week, the House is considering the largest single non-security discretionary spending cut in American history. This historic legislation, H.R. 1, will cut spending by at least $100 billion over the next seven months.

These are not easy cuts, but it is time for Congress to make the same tough choices that every American has already had to make in their own households and businesses.

Our purpose is clear – we aim to restore certainty, first by reducing spending, so that entrepreneurs and small businesses will be empowered to grow the economy again.

I want to make sure that you know how important you and the entire YouCut community have been to this debate. When we first began the YouCut program, Washington was arguing over ways to spend more of your money – now, the debate is over how much should be cut.

You should also know that this legislation includes several ideas proposed and supported by the YouCut community. For example, it eliminates funding for new federal buildings, terminates funding for NPR, and prohibits those promotional stimulus road signs. In total, this legislation completely eliminates 150 federal programs.

Click here to visit the YouCut website to learn more about H.R. 1 and then take a moment to let your family and friends know more about this historic legislation.

This is only the beginning.


Rep. Eric Cantor
Majority Leader

P.S. This week, the House will be debating the largest spending cuts in modern history. Click here to learn more about this historic legislation.

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