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AFP: Reform PERS Now!


Across the nation, States are taking strong action to rein in unaffordable and unsustainable government employee benefit packages. Right here in Oregon, our Public Employee Retirement System is badly broken, and must be reformed this Legislative Session. Not only do Oregon government employees pay nothing into their own retirement accounts, but those that make the rules – Oregon Legislators, the Governor and Oregon Judges – also benefit from the System. This conflict of interest must be addressed.

Too many government retirees are receiving benefits that are as much or more then they made when they were working. The System allows retirees to “double dip” – receiving their pension while going back to work for a government agency. The System also increases benefits to account for a court order that PERS is not taxable income in Oregon – but those increases apply to PERS retirees who don’t even live in Oregon.

The Legislature is in Session now, and the time to reform PERS is now! Strong and courageous action is needed.

Click here to tell your State Representative and State Senator that you support Reforming PERS Now!

Jeff Kropf
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Oregon
AFP Oregon Website

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