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EOP: FreedomWorks Launches NEW Cap and Trade War Room

Congressional Recess Call to Action: FreedomWorks Launches NEW Cap and Trade War Room

This week Congress is on recess and that means your legislators should be back home in their districts and focused on their constituents’ top concerns. This is a great opportunity to communicate what is important to you and ensure that it is on your elected officials’ minds when they return to Washington, D.C.


In particular, it is key that we continue to build the case for stripping the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to regulate greenhouse gases and effectively stop Obama’s backdoor cap and trade strategy dead in its tracks.

A couple weeks ago, FreedomWorks issued a “call to action” in support of The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 (S.482 in the Senate & H.R. 910 in the House) — bold legislation introduced by Senator James Inhofe (R, OK) and Representative Fred Upton (R, MI-6) that would permanently stop EPA from implementin g its backdoor cap and trade scheme. Thanks to hard-working conservative activists like you, the response was overwhelming and we hit Congress with over 63,000 emails and letters in just a matter of days. Last week, a sudden scramble occurred that could have put this bill before a vote in the Senate. FreedomWorks worked quickly in select states to drive calls into targeted Senate offices and within 24-hours had pounded select Senators with nearly 1,000 grassroots phone calls.

This overwhelming pressure forced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) to delay the Senate vote for fear of it passing. Moreover, it has helped to create serious momentum for the Inhofe-Upton legislation in both the House and Senate…but it is not enough.

This week it is going to be critical that Members of Congress hear first-hand from their voters that passing this legislation is of the utmost importance.

FreedomWorks has set-up a special online “war room” to help you make an impact on behalf of the Inhofe-Upton bill — download our March Recess Action Kit and visit your Senators’ and Representative’s district offices; email and call your legislators’ offices; and stay up-to-date on the latest news on Capitol Hill. You can access the war room by clicking here.

Again, this is a very important week in the battle to stop cap and trade. Don’t sit on the sidelines! Visit FreedomWorks Cap and Trade War Room now and encourage your fellow activists to do likewise.

Dick Armey
Chairman, FreedomWorks

P.S. Help support our ongoing efforts to stop Obama’s backdoor cap and trade scheme! CLICK HERE to ensure emails, l etters, phone calls, and visits continue to target key Members of Congress, urging them to stop EPA’s attempts to regulate greenhouse gases

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