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GAA: Exposed: Who is really behind soaring gas prices!

Grassroots Action Alert April 25, 2011

Leftwing Media’s lack of gas skews the true story

From our Friends at Media Research Center

How deep is the Left-wing media in Obama’s pocket? For the answer look no further than their lax, misleading coverage of the super-charged rise in gasoline prices.

The Media Research Center lifted the hood, and discovered that of the 280 oil price stories since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, only 3 bothered (a scant one percent) to make any connection between the administration’s anti-oil policies — including their drilling moratorium…

Instead, the Left-wing media have been on a nearly year long campaign to misdirect and mislead the public while also wearing down their resistance to Obama’s jobs and economy killing “green” policies. Just look at what Bloomberg Businessweek reported, referring to the sudden gas run-up as a “silver-lining”, even suggesting Americans would now be more willing to accept Obama’s green agenda!

And while the media don’t dare report, or even bother to look for the truth where Obama is concerned, the fact is Obama’s own Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

Thanks to the help of the media, it appears the administration is well on its way!

The MRC has launched a full-scale push back against the Obama-media – including a special MRC Business and Media Institute report and a national petition demanding that the media stop misleading the American public.

ACTION: Click here to read MRC’s Business and Media Institute special report for details on this developing story.

Click here to sign MRC’s petition “Demanding the Media Stop Serving as a Mouthpiece for President Obama”


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