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AFP: Help Stop ObamaCare in Oregon – Contact Your Lawmaker Today

Take action now to stop ObamaCare implementation in Oregon!

This Wednesday, the Oregon Legislature will consider SB 99. This bill creates the “health insurance exchange” network that will lead to the implementation of ObamaCare in our state. When ObamaCare is thrown out by the courts – as seems likely – Oregon will be left holding the bag with a useless plan.

We know that the only health insurance reforms that will work are those based in free market principles. The legislature should take action to reduce government mandates on health insurers, and work to promote opening up the health insurance market across state lines. Only when insurers must compete for your business on price and service in the truly free market place will health insurance prices decline.

Please click here to contact your legislators and tell them to vote “No” on SB 99. It is the wrong health insurance prescription for Oregon.

Please contact your lawmakers today.


Jeff Kropf
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Oregon
AFP Oregon Website

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