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AFP: Take Action Now to Save Your Kicker!


The Oregon Senate is about to try (again) to steal your kicker tax refund!

A package of bills will be brought to the Senate floor – possibly as early as May 6 – that would ask voters to move half of any future kicker refund into a “state savings account.” The last such effort – where the legislature stole the corporate kicker and “saved” it showed what will happen. All the money that was “saved for a rainy day” was spent almost immediately – it is always raining on Oregon government!

These constant assaults on the kicker have to be stopped.

For 30 years, the kicker has provided the only check on runaway government spending. As the state budget has increased biennium after biennium – more than 50 percent in just the past 4 years – taxpayers have enjoyed little protection from the legislature’s spending. The kicker is the last bastion of fiscal sanity in Salem!

Please click here to tell your State Senator that the legislature needs to keep their hands off the kicker!

Jeff Kropf
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Oregon
AFP Oregon Website

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