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AFP: Prosperity Alert: May 2011


In this issue

Atlas Shrugged

Many of AFP’s activists are talking about the new hit movie Atlas Shrugged. Have you seen it yet? Check your local listings to see when it’s playing in a theatre near you!

AFP in the news


Tim Phillips discusses the budget battle and the possibility of a government shut-down.

Fox News
An AFP sponsored Tax Day Rally draws some media attention in New Hampshire.

New York Times
AFP’s Texas chapter makes an impact in the battle over the state’s budget.

USA Today
AFP’s “Cut Spending Now” rally on Capitol Hill is pictured.

National Review
AFP’s Phil Kerpen addresses the false assumption that a failure to raise the debt ceiling will result in a default on Treasury bonds.

National Journal
Tim Phillips previews AFP Foundation’s New Hampshire Summit on Spending and Job Creation on April 29th.

Manchester Union Leader
AFP Foundation New Hampshire hosts its Presidential Summit on Spending and Job Creation.

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Prosperity Alert: May 2011


New Hampshire Presidential Summit


On April 29th, AFP Foundation New Hampshire hosted its Presidential Summit on Spending and Job Creation. Speakers included Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum.

Click here to watch the full video of the Summit!

Click here to see ABC News’s coverage of the event.

National RightOnline Conference – June 17-18Header

National RightOnline Conference – June 17-18

We are pleased to announce that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn will be joining an already stellar lineup of speakers at the fourth annual RightOnline conference on June 17-18! Other speakers will include best-selling author and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, conservative commentator and author Andrew Breitbart, the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund,’s Erick Erickson, Fox News Contributor Mary Katharine Ham,’s Guy Benson,’s Ed Morrissey, Daily Caller contributor S.E. Cupp, and more!

Register by Wednesday, May 18th, and bring a friend for free! Simply click here to visit the registration page, and select the “2-for-1 Deal” registration option.

Click here for more information on RightOnline.

Take Action


Tell Congress to Cut Spending Now!
This year, the federal budget will run more than $1.5 trillion in deficit, and more than 40% of every dollar we spend is borrowed. Runaway spending is at the core of this problem. More than 70% of the federal budget is mandatory spending on entitlement programs and interest payments on the national debt. These programs must be reformed in order for the country to regain its fiscal footing. Click here to tell Congress to Cut Spending Now!

Check out, and help stop Obama’s Democracy Denied Agenda!
AFP’s Obama Chart shows how it has become standard procedure in the Obama administration not to take no for an answer. When Obama’s radical agenda is rejected by Congress and the American people, he goes around the democratic process to do what he wants anyway. Click here to view the chart!

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Activist of the Month – Kate Jaudes


Kate Jaudes is a retired Real Estate agent who now devotes most of her free time for cause of freedom and prosperity. Kate has been involved with AFP-Oregon since March of 2009 after attending a meeting at a Pancake House hosted by AFP-OR Director Jeff Kropf. She immediately jumped into working with AFP, becoming a volunteer communications coordinator for the Polk and Marion counties chapter.

Kate’s proudest moment with AFP was the defeat of a prosperity-killing “cell phone tax” in the town of Kaiser. Kate organized and led the effort to defeat the measure. She and a few volunteers collected 4,000 signatures in 30 days, using detailed neighborhood maps and lists that Kate spent days preparing. The effort caused the Kaiser City Council to table the unpopular measure.

Thank you Kate, for all you do, and congratulations on being named AFP’s Activist of the Month.

AFP Upcoming Events and Local Highlights


Local Highlights:

AFP California’s Limousine Tour confronts Governor Brown about the over-the-top government employee pensions that threaten to bankrupt the state.

Sarah Palin speaks at the AFP-Wisconsin Tax Day Tea Party in the aftermath of the budgetary battle.

AFP-Ohio hosts over 300 activists at its Stop the Spending Town Hall in Marietta.

AFP Virginia hosted a Hands Off My Heath Care Rally on Tuesday, May 10th, outside of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals where they heard the case against ObamaCare.

AFP Oklahoma continues to make their voices heard throughout the state on tax day!

AFP-New Jersey continues to oppose the RGGI Cap-and-Trade scheme and hosts a press conference to support its full repeal.

AFP Pennsylvania hosted a rally on Wednesday, May 11th to kick off their “My Voice, My Choice” legislative agenda.
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