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AFP: A Huge Election Night for AFP-Oregon!

It was a tremendous night for taxpayers!  Largely complete, but unofficial returns from Oregon’s special election on Tuesday reveal strong victories for AFP’s local Chapters across the state. AFP’s positions on local measures won in Multnomah, Clackamas, Lane, Baker, and Jackson Counties, where the bulk of the local measures were contested.  The tally was 8 out of 10 measures statewide.

In Clackamas County, AFP’s local volunteers previously worked hard to gather signatures to refer a new County Vehicle Registration Fee to today’s ballot. The County Commission had approved the fee to pay for repair of a bridge in a different County over AFP objections. Voters soundly endorsed the AFP position by a 2 – 1 margin.

In Portland, voters surprisingly sided with AFP’s Multnomah County Chapter in narrowly rejecting the largest proposed bond measure in Oregon history. Portland Public Schools was seeking $548 million for basic repairs delayed for decades so teacher salary and benefit payments could be increased dramatically.  Tax increases rarely fail in Multnomah County or Portland.

In Eugene, voters crushed a local personal income tax proposal referred to the ballot by the City Council. AFP volunteers had opposed the proposal in Council meetings, and joined an outstanding effort by Citizens for Jobs and Schools to educate voters about the impacts of the new tax. Eugene would have been the only local jurisdiction to impose such a tax.

In the City of Damascus, voters blasted a December effort by a lame-duck City Council to saddle property owners with up to $500,000 each in new taxes and fees to pay for a City “Comprehensive Plan.”  The plan would also have restricted private property rights.  AFP’s independent affiliate group – Ask Damascus – led the charge to send the plan back to the Council for a more open process.

In Jackson County in Southern Oregon, AFP’s local volunteers worked to defeat three measures referred by the County Commission intended to consolidate power in the hands of the Commissioners. The measures would have eliminated three positions that are currently elected by the people, and made them patronage positions, appointed by the County Commission. All three measures were defeated by at least 4-1 margins.

In Baker County, AFP volunteers worked to defeat a local schools levy.

In addition to these stunning grassroots victories on local measures, many AFP Members were standing for election to public office across the state. Among the winners were AFP-Oregon Staff Members Jeff Kropf, re-elected to a local Fire District slot, and Richard Burke, re-elected to his position on a local Water Board. Former AFP Baker County Chapter Leader Kyle Knight was elected to the Baker School Board, as was AFP Member Jim Longwell. As returns continue to be finalized, please check the AFP Oregon blog at for other AFP Members elected Tuesday.

AFP’s Oregon Staff congratulates the thousands of local grassroots AFP volunteers who made Tuesday’s tremendous victories possible. Working together, we have built a successful model that produces the kind of lasting political change our mission statement demands.

Jeff Kropf
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Oregon
AFP Oregon Website

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