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AFP: Stop an increase in Oregon’s Death Tax


Your immediate help is needed to stop a 23 percent increase in the top Oregon Estate Tax rate!  The Death Tax is immoral, and amounts to double taxation.

Early next week, the Oregon Senate will consider HB 2541.  This legislation has already passed the Oregon House, and needs only the Senate’s agreement and the Governor’s signature to pass this job-killing bill.

If signed into law, HB 2541 will cause wealthy taxpayers – who we want to invest in creating Oregon jobs – to move out of Oregon.  Washington State, just across the Columbia River, has an Estate Tax rate of zero.  Press reports prove that wealthy Oregonians have already moved to Vancouver to avoid paying a capital gains tax rate of only 9 percent.  Under HB 2541, the top rate on Estates will be almost 20 percent! – twice the incentive to leave Oregon.

The Death Tax hits small businesses the hardest.  Because heirs have to pay the tax right away on the value of the business, unless there is sufficient cash or other assets that can be sold, many times the small business itself must be sold just to pay the tax.  This is not fair, and hurts small business – which creates most of the jobs in Oregon.

The assets subject to tax upon death have already been taxed.  Whether through the personal income tax, the corporate income tax, property taxes or a hundred other ways, Oregon has already collected its “pound of flesh” from those who die.  HB 2541 would add insult to injury.

Please click here to tell your State Senator to vote against increasing the Oregon Estate Tax!

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