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GAA: Oregon citizens inherit $1,000,000 in debt

Grassroots Action Alert  

June 6, 2011

In This Issue:

1. The REAL federal debt
2. Obama’s Immigration Lies Exposed
3. The Stimulus was Nonsense

1. Taxpayers On Hook for $1 Million

In the three seconds it takes you to read this sentence, the federal government will have borrowed $174,000. Every passing second results in another $58,000. The total debt now exceeds $14 TRILLION dollars, which is $46,000 per citizen and nearly $130,000 per taxpayer.

But it’s much worse than that when the government’s unfunded liabilities are counted. Unfunded liabilities are the future commitments our government owes for entitlement and other government programs. The total of unfunded liabilities currently stand at more than $114 trillion dollars — which amounts to more than $1,000,000 per U.S. Taxpayer. That makes every taxpayer a million-debtor!

The federal government’s addiction to spending is literally choking the life from American taxpayers. And like a drug-addict desperate for his next fix, Congress is trying to convince the American people that they don’t have a problem and to give them one more spending and credit “fix.”

ACTION: Tell Your Congressmen: “You’re Pre-Declined!”
Now you can send your state Congressmen a “U.S. Taxpayers” credit card that is “Pre-Declined” — telling them you pre-reject any attempts to increase the deficit and dig our nation into a deeper hole of federal debt.

Grassfire Nation’s “Pre-Declined” Credit Card” looks and feels just like a real credit card — except it tells your Congressmen: “You Are Pre-Declined! Don’t even bother asking!”

Go here now to schedule your Pre-Declined cards for delivery! It’s a simple and effective way to let Congress know you are fed up with out-of-control deficits and spending! Tell Them “You’re Pre-Declined!”

2. Obama’s two huge immigration lies exposed

From Our Friends at The Media Research Center

Securing our border is a laughing and lying matter to President Obama. Speaking in El Paso, Texas, recently, Obama claimed that the federal government has “basically” completed the border fence that security minded Republicans wanted built. He also claimed that El Paso and other border towns and cities were “among the safest in the nation.”
Both were lies.

Meanwhile, CNSNews is reporting that The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), which is responsible for enforcing U.S. immigration laws inside the U.S., has released more than 8,000 illegal aliens convicted of crimes onto U.S. Streets since 2009. Those released had committed crimes ranging from arson, assault, forgery, fraud, homicide, kidnapping, sexual offenses and more!

ACTION: The Media Research Center has launched a national petition effort to force the media to report the truth about illegal immigration. With the help of grassroots Americans, the MRC will expose their bias while reporting the facts that are being ignored. Click here now to sign THE MRC petition and be included in their next petition delivery.

3. “The Stimulus was Nonsense”
According to a just released poll from The Hill, “more than one in three likely voters expect to be worse off when they go to the polls a year from this November, a somber fact for President Obama’s reelection campaign, while just 25 percent believe they will be better off.”

This sobering statistic comes on the heels of last week’s economic indicators showing unemployment rising to 9.1%, a catastrophic week on Wall Street, and rising gasoline prices.

Congressional leaders are saying the abysmal economic news is all the proof anyone should need that government spending doesn’t stimulate the economy. “The stimulus was nonsense that hasn’t gotten this economy anywhere,” Rep. Jeff Landry (R-LA) said.

ACTION: Citizens are sending a no-holds barred message to Congress: Don’t Raise the debt Ceiling! Click here to sign the “No More Debt” petition.


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Take Action
Key Action Items in this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:


Tell Congress they are “Pre-declined!”

Tell the Media to “Tell the Truth” about Immigration

Tell Congress, “Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling

Dig Deeper
Key resources for this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

1. Taxpayer debt liability: $1,000,000 each!

Unfunded Liabilities are the Real Red Ink Challenges

The National Debt Clock

The Great American Heist

2. Obama’s Immigration double-speak

The El Paso Lies

Obama’s Immigration Sabotage

3. The Nonsense of Stimulus

The Hill Poll

The Call for Cuts

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