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AFP: Action Alert: Turn up the heat to pass PERS reform

Turn up the heat to pass PERS reform

AFP OR has been running humorous television ads highlighting the need for PERS reform which you can see here. These ads poke fun at legislators and bureaucrats who act deceptively, costing Oregon taxpayers money, get away with it, and then are rewarded with an outrageous PERS pensions totally paid for by taxpayers.

The intention is to build pressure on the legislature to get serious about the massive unfunded liability in PERS (at least $22 billion dollars and growing by some studies) and enact other reforms such as requiring state employees to contribute their 6% contribution saving $750 million dollars in the coming two year budget.

Click here to contact your State Rep, State Senator, and the Governor and urge them to enact PERS reforms now.

It is highly likely that the economy is entering a double dip recession and that has led to the stock market moving lower, which means the investment returns for PERS will be far less than predicted. This only increases the amount of money that PERS employers must pay into the system as the unfunded liability grows larger each day. This robs money from other needed programs and increases the need for lawmakers to consider raising taxes and fees to cover the losses. Higher taxes and fees are the last thing that taxpayers need during a double dip recession.

Because the unfunded liability has been growing, the PERS payment from the Oregon General Fund 2011-2013 budget year doubled to over $884 million dollars. In the next budget beginning in 2013, it is projected to be $2 billion dollars and may even be higher if investment returns are less because of a down stock market.

This is clearly unsustainable, yet the legislature has done virtually nothing about it. This must change and it must be done now! Even Governors Kulongoski and Kitzhaber recognized this reality and proposed changes that have gone nowhere.

Only grassroots pressure on legislators is going to make this happen. Please click here to contact your State Rep, State Senator, and the Governor and urge them to enact PERS reforms now.

Please make the effort immediately as time is short with the end of the session only days away. There is still time, but we must flood the legislature with requests to enact these reforms now.

I highly recommend that you customize the text of the proposed email language to reflect your way of saying what we think needs to be communicated to them all.

Thanks for all you do for freedom!

Jeff Kropf
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Oregon
AFP Oregon Website
AFP-Oregon fully supports Senate Bill 897, HB 2984, HB 2455 and HB 2456 and we hope you will ask your lawmaker to do so as well.




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