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Grassroots Action Alert June 28, 2011
In This Issue:

1. DREAM On!
2. Obama takes on the debt ceiling debate
3. Time asks: Does the Constitution still matter?

1. Obama’s ICE directive bypasses Congress

President Obama and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton have, in effect, decreed their own version of the DREAM Act virtually bypassing Congress! Under expanded guidelines set in place Friday by an ICE “prosecutorial discretion” memo, agents are instructed to exercise discretion on a case-by-case basis to NOT enforce immigration laws if illegal immigrants committing minor crimes are enrolled in an education center or if there are ties to the US military.

Reacting quickly to the memo, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is now crafting a bill that would halt the Obama administration’s overreaching power to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Smith said that under the new guidelines ICE agents could defer the deportations of “millions of deportable illegal and criminal immigrants” and said the legislation is necessary because, “The Obama administration cannot continue to pick and choose which laws it will enforce.”

Countering Rep. Smith’s initiative, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is now calling for a Senate hearing on the DREAM Act.

ACTION: The President continues plotting ways to advance his open-border agenda, and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens – many of which have criminal histories and ties to enemy nations.

Grassfire Nation is moving rapidly to amass ONE MILLION grassroots citizens who bysigning the “No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens” petition oppose any form of amnesty, and who are demanding our government secure our borders by building an effective border fence, and strictly enforce existing laws. Go here to join the hundreds of thousands petition signers declaring “No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.”

2. The higher-ups take on the debt ceiling debate

Hoping that cooler heads will prevail in the intensely heated “debt ceiling” debates, President Obama met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to begin a new process of finding common ground. On Obama’s agenda is defining the term “tax hike!”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) abruptly withdrew from the talks last Thursday saying that Obama would now have to “seal the deal with the Speaker [Rep. Boehner].” Now, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi also wants in on the negotiations.

No matter who the players are, the issue remains the same. Government spending is out of control and must be reigned in by not raising the debt ceiling.

ACTION: Public disapproval continues to climb over President Obama’s handling of the economy and unbridled government growth — while a clear majority of grassroots Americans (65%) and an overwhelming majority of Grassfire Nation (80%) participants oppose raising the debt ceiling. Click here to sign the petition calling on Congress to cut spending and tell them, “I Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling.”

3. Time’s shredded Constitution

A blog by Jeff Poor

Provocative? Perhaps, but that’s nothing new for Time magazine with a history of taking iconic American symbols and using them to make political statements.

On Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Time magazine editor Richard Stengel presented the cover of his new July 4 issue, which features the U.S. Constitution going through a paper shredder and asks does the document still matter. According to Stengel, it does, but not as much anymore.

“Yes, of course it still matters but in some ways it matters less than people think,” Stengel said on “Morning Joe.” “People all the time are debating what’s constitutional and what’s unconstitutional. To me the Constitution is a guardrail. It’s for when we are going off the road and it gets us back on. It’s not a traffic cop that keeps us going down the center. And what our politics are about – politics are about conflict. There was no people who argued more about defining principles of America than the framers of the Constitution.

TAKE ACTION: Is Stengel correct in his assessment of the Constitution?  Join the discussion on this highly controversial article at the Patriot Action Network. Let Richard Stengel (editor at Time Magazine) know what you think. Email him at the following address: [email protected]. Call Time Customer Service a call and express your sentiments: 1-866-550-6934.

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Key Action Items in this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:


Sign the “No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens” Petition

Sign the “I Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling” Petition

Join the fray: Is the Constitution still relevant?

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Key resources for this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

1. DREAM On! Read the ICE Memo

Freezing the President’s Powers

2. Debt Ceiling Debates get heated

Debt Deal up to the Leaders

The meaning of “Tax Hike”

3.  Is the Constitution still relevant?

Time editorial: One document. Under seige.

Time Magazine’s abject failure

The Vanishing Constitution

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