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Greg Walden: Enough is Enough

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As a small business owner for over 21 years, I know, just like you do, that more taxation, more regulation, and more litigation will not create more jobs.


Just like you, I also know that it’s not responsible to spend money you don’t have – and it’s irresponsible for government to do so as well. After all, Oregon families work every day to live within their means, so it’s only right that our government does the same.


We need to empower families, small business owners and entrepreneurs to get Oregon working again.  We need to pay down America’s unsustainable debt burden and start living within our means.


Washington, D.C.’s spending binge has put our nation in deep debt and caused massive uncertainty for job creators. We can’t tax and spend our way to prosperity.  We need to get Oregonians back to work. Enough is enough.


That is why each week I am at the leadership table, with the Speaker, Majority Leader and others, working on policy and strategy to stop the culture of reckless spending in Washington D.C. We are working to reduce and reform the cost ofgovernment and developing common sense, pro-growth policies that will create private sector jobs – not grow the government even more.


Six months into office, we’ve cut an estimated $315 billion over the next 10 years, cutting nearly $40 billion between now and the end of September, alone.   We’re voting to overturn rules and regulations that cost us jobs and we are working to create private sector jobs – not grow the government even more.


I can tell you we are all deeply committed to getting America on a new and better course.


It’s up to us, with the help of supporters like you, to stop the culture of reckless spending in Washington D.C. It’s up to us, with your continued support, toremove onerous regulations that are harmful to small businesses and impede private sector investment and job creation.

Together we’ve come this far, but we can’t stop working.  The consequences are too great; it’s our children’s and grandchildren’s future that is at stake.


Can I count on your help?


This Thursday, June 30th, a critical deadline is approaching; it is the close of our quarterly reporting period to the Federal Election Commission.  We are $5000 away from meeting our fundraising goal for the quarter, and your contribution will go a long way to help us reach our goal.


Will you contribute $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help me not only reach…but exceed my goal?  You can visit to make a contribution online today.


As always, I am grateful and humbled by the generosity from supporters like you.  I know you will continue to do your part, and I pledge to continue my efforts here at home in Oregon and nationally.


Thank you for all that you do.


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Checks may be made  payable to “Walden for Congress”


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