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GAA: Cut, Cap and Balance vote tomorrow!

Grassroots Action Alert  

July 18, 2011

Cut, Cap and Balance vote Tuesday, July 19!
Emergency Petition Delivery Tomorrow

House leaders have now set TOMORROW (Tuesday, July 19) for the first key vote on the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan.

There is momentum building in Congress for passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment for the first time in more than a decade, and Americans have a unique opportunity to make a key impact in this vote.

Hours before this vote takes place, Grassfire Nation will be rushing a pro-Balanced Budget Amendment petition to key members of Congress with over 100,000 signatures!

ACTION: There are several actions that you can still take.

1. Sign the Grassfire Nation “Cut, Cap and Balance” petition. The hand delivery of the petition tomorrow is the first of several strategic messages designed to inundate Capitol Hill BEFORE each upcoming Congressional budgetary vote — including a Balanced Budget Amendment proposal expected to be voted on next week. Put your name to the “Cut, Cap and Balance” petition to increase the impact.

2. Forward this message to your friends and encourage them to join you in signing the “Cut, Cap and Balance” petition. Grassfire Nation has just crossed 88,000 signers, but 100,000 is within reach-if you take fast action! Your friends can go here to sign.

3. Share this campaign on Facebook.

4. Fax or call your Representative and other key members of Congress now.

5. Call your Representative today and let him or her know where you stand on “Cut, Cap and Balance.”

Rep. Walden 202-225-6730

Or, call the Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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Vote Tomorrow!

Balanced Budget Amendment

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