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Grassroots Action Alert

August 31, 2011
In This Issue:

1. No prayer or first responders at Ground Zero 
2. Anti-Tea Party conspiracy exposed
3. Powerful Super Committee unbriddled

 1. Ground Zero: No Prayer Or First Responders!

On September 11, 2001, when thousands of people lost their lives in the most calculated series of terrorist attacks in American history, millions of Americans dropped to their knees, in their homes or flooding into churches, cathedrals, synagogues and mosques. Every official 9/11 Commemoration near Ground Zero since the brutal attacks have included prayer.

Not this year – the year marking the 10th Anniversary. Not only has prayer been excluded, but many of the heroes of 9/11, the First Responders were not even invited to the official commemoration. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that there wasn’t time to include prayers in the ceremonies. He also deemed them “not appropriate.”

To further alienate an important part of the 9/11 events, Bloomberg did not officially invite the city’s First Responders, the police, fire and public service heroes who also risked their lives on 9/11 and in the days and weeks following the attacks.

ACTION: Grassfire Nation will have several staff at Ground Zero and at locations throughout New York City to deliver ww and provide free-of-charge to First Responders, family members and others our special 9/11 Remembrance Pin. Go here to sign the petition and help sponsor patriotic citizens to receive the pin.

2. The truth behind the Tea Party Conspirators

Andrew Breitbart’s “BigJournalism” just published a column blasting two media hacks responsible for years of inaccurate narrative on the Tea Party movement. The column explains how two columnists completely fabricated a story about the movement, claiming it was all a fake-grassroots PR campaign and a “conspiracy” to unseat President Obama.

The article reveals that two columnists, Mark Ames and Yasha Levine, created a conspiratorial smear campaign against the Tea Party movement… “Ames and Levine alleged that Santelli’s famous ‘rant heard around the world’ that inspired the Tea Party movement ‘was not at all spontaneous as his alleged fans claim, but rather it was a carefully-planned trigger for an anti-Obama campaign.’ That campaign, they claimed, had been planned for months before the 2008 election, and funded by ‘the Koch family, the multi-billlionaire owners of the largest private corporation in America, and funders of scores of rightwing think tanks and advocacy groups.”

Today, Eric Odom, Director of Interactive Media for Liberty News Network, Patriot Action Network and Grassfire Nation, sets the record straight in his post on the Liberty News Network. Eric’s blog reveals the truth about the origins of the Tea Part movement by looking at the timeline and notable events behind the formation of the movement, which clearly refutes the original “conspiracy” hit piece.

ACTION: Learn the truth about the origins of the Tea Party Movement. Learn where the “astro-turf” narrative came from in order to properly counter it with accurate information.Click here to read and comment on Eric Odom’s informative blog on the Liberty News Network.

3. The Super Committee’s enormous power!

The Congress of the United States has just given over its constitutionally-mandated authority to a Super Committee that will operate as its own mini-Congress.

At least that’s what the media are saying!

Reuters…”[The Super Committee] will meet independently from Congress, set its own rules” and will set off a “Holy War” among D.C. lobbyists.

LA Times: The Super Committee “has been given enormous power to recommend at least $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction.”

The Super Committee is at best a legislative mockery and at worst unconstitutional. That’s why Grassfire Nation is delivering your petitions next week to House and Senate leaders as well as the co-chairs of the Super Committee

ACTION: This Super Committee is a copout by Congress that empowers a select few members and shields the rest of Congress from the political ramifications of runaway government spending. Grassfire Nation petition deliveries begin next week. Go here to sign the petition and to be included in this all-important first delivery to Congress.

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Key resources for this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:1. No Prayer. No First Responders in NYC2. The Tea Party Conspiracy

Real Tea Party History

Exposing the Anti-Tea Party Campaign

3. The Super Powerful Super Committee

Super Committee vexes lobbyists

Tax Counsel to lead Super Committee

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