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EOP: The next step for the Tea Party



The Limited Government Movement, or TEA Party Movement, is now at a crossroads.  The rallies continue to be great and have driven important changes in the political landscape.  The challenge we face now is how to sustain and build on our momentum for the coming election cycle and beyond.  Ultimately, the TEA Party movement must soon evolve – or it will die.
Fiscal conservatives need to stop playing defense go on the OFFENSIVE NOW by electing more conservatives to public office at EVERY LEVEL.  The next election cycle is already at hand – time is short.  We must learn how to be more effective campaign workers for the candidates and issues we support.  We must learn how to manage initiative and candidate campaigns at every level.  We must ask ourselves if we are willing to be a candidate one day – even for a local office – and what to do if the answer is “yes”.  We need to learn more about how to win elections at every level.
YOU WILL HAVE YOUR CHANCE on Saturday, September 17th at the Red Lion Inn in Medford.  This will be the only event of it’s kind held anywhere in Oregon this year.  Former AFP state chair Jeff Kropf and his former Grass Roots Director Richard Burke will rejoin forces along with Holly Swanson and others to put on a workship called “TURNING PASSION INTO VICTORY”.  You can get tickets for the event by going to this website:
Tickets are only $50 for this event, and includes the cost of hot “western buffet” lunch, all printed materials, admission to all workshops and speaking events, along with your lanyard and name tag.  Special hotel rates are available, if you need a room.  You can pre-pay your room on the event registration website (prices include all hotel taxes).  If you cannot come yourself, you can sponsor the event or a workshop session by purchasing sponsorships available on the same website.

Supporters of big government are already preparing for future elections.  What about us?  Labor Day has come and gone, and time is short.  Rallies are fantastic and valueable, but they are not enough.  We’ve come this far – now let’s organize at the ballot box, like we’ve done in the streets, for limited government and free enterprise.  Please register today!
Richard P. Burke, Interim Executive Director
Western Liberty Network
*Attached is the agenda for the day.

Eastern Oregon Patriots – 9/12 Project

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