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Communists stage fake Tea Party event

Grassroots Action Alert

September 19, 2011
In This Issue:

1. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!
2. Liberal media maligns Conservatives
3. Obama pushes jobs plan to Hispanics

 1. Communists stage fake Tea Party event!

Five Thousand anti-American protestors rallied in New York City over the weekend shutting down Wall Street. Mistakenly believing the event was tied to the Tea Party, some citizens who arrived for the event were aghast at what they saw, while others were using social media networks to encourage participation.

Eric Odom, Director of Interactive Media for Grassfire Nation decided to do some digging and found some very, VERY disconcerting evidence suggesting the event is tied to a radical communist/globalist agenda.

The “Occupy Wall Street” event currently underway in NYC is a project connected to the “Day of Rage” campaign. On the front-end, both look somewhat innocent, but on the backend, they’re being coordinated by some dark networks/coalitions.

ACTION: Tea Partiers must not be fooled by this event. Many Ron Paul supporters are spreading the news about the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” event via Facebook and other social media outlets.

In fact, this is a very dangerous network of groups organizing the event. Ron Paul doesn’t align himself with the groups behind the event, and the Tea Party movement is not involved.

Click here to read Eric’s complete report about “Occupy Wall Street” at

2. Liberal media: Conservative views are alien!

From our friends at The Media Research Center

“There is a huge disparity in the media using the words ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ to describe candidates and political personalities,” says Emmy award winning journalist Bernard Goldberg.

During his Labor Day appearance on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, Goldberg discussed the shocking findings of a recent Media Research Center study that show the major networks have used the “conservative” label an astounding 20 times more often than they identified liberals!

Underscoring the overt liberal bias, Goldberg said, “This is a media warning label that says ‘conservatives’ are dangerous to your mental health.”

“To liberal journalists, conservatives are out of the mainstream — are alien, and their views are dangerous,” says Goldberg. Only liberal elitist views are mainstream — all others are foreign and dangerous.

Given the results of this important study, it is apparent that the use of these kinds of labels is a concerted effort by the Elitist liberal media to cast conservatives in a negative light.

ACTION: That’s why the MRC launched the petition demanding the Leftist media provide a balanced field on their election coverage, and they need your help to counter the leftists’ aggressive efforts. Click here now to sign the MRC petition demanding fair and balanced news coverage in the 2012 Election cycle.

3. Obama to Hispanics: Jobs are yours!

Campaigning for the Hispanic vote, President Obama told a Latino audience that his $447 billion package of tax cuts and public works projects would put more money into the pockets of Latino workers, business owners while increasing opportunities for Hispanics.

In his pandering to the Hispanic communities, during a July speech to the national Council of La Raza, the nation’s largest Hispanic advocacy group that actively supports immigration reforms that favor illegal aliens, Obama bragged that he’d “poached quite a few of your alumni to work in my administration.”

Townhall, in their September 2011 issue reports that since Obama appointed civil rights advocate and former Senior Vice President for La Raza, Cecilia Munoz as his director of intergovernmental affairs, “the organization more than doubled its government cash intake (from $4.1 million in FY 2009 to $11 million in FY 2010).

ACTION: This is Obama’s objective — his vision for America, and worse yet, he’s counting on you paying for it! This is utterly outrageous and unacceptable. That’s why Grassfire Nation has launched a national petition demanding “No Amnesty for Illegals!” The Hispanic vote is crucial for Obama, and as we are already seeing, he is boasting and promising whatever it takes to gain their support and vote in the upcoming election.

Now with the 2012 election cycle underway, your support for secured borders and no amnesty has never been more important. Please take a moment right now to sign Grassfire Nation’s “No Amnesty for Illegals!” and confront Obama’s distorted vision for America.

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Key Action Items in this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

Read how a communist organization hijacked the Tea Party!

Confront leftist media outlets for balanced election coverage.

Sign the “No Amnesty for Illegals” petition

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Key resources for this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

1. Communists hijack the Tea Party

More analysis on “Occupy Wall Street”

2. Liberal media defames conservaitve thinkers

Brian Williams Castigates Conservatives, Then Lobs Softballs to Obama

3. No Amnesty for Illegals

Obama and La Raza operate from the same playbook

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