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October 2011
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GAA: U.S. Government threatens America’s industries

Grassroots Action Alert

October 6, 2011
In This Issue:

1. Government overreach threatens America’s industries
2. Exposing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement
3. Dodd-Frank Ushers in Major bank Fees

 1. “The bigger problem is government overreach”

Gibson Guitars are being singled out and bullied by the Obama administration over a questionable exotic wood shipment — a shipment that cleared U.S. customs.

Even the Indian government has provided Gibson Chairman and CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, with an official letter attesting to the legality of the wood purchase!

According to Fox News, “Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn), said the bigger problem is government overreach. ‘It’s not about the Lacey Act,’ she said. ‘What this is about is selective enforcement, excessive enforcement. It’s about lack of clarity, confusion and uncertainty pertaining to a law.’

“She added that she has heard plenty of anxiety across the country from musical instrument craftsmen and furniture makers, who all feel at risk now that Gibson was raided by armed federal agents.”

Despite raiding Gibson three times, the Department of Justice still has yet to file any charges; and in fact, have downgraded their demands to requesting a meeting with Gibson executives. These raids have effectively shutdown Gibson — costing the company an estimated $2-3 million.

ACTION: This coming weekend, in Nashville, Grassfire Nation will be presenting tens of thousands of  “I Stand with Gibson” petitions to Gibson Guitar executives in response to President Obama’s assault on private business and arrogant misuse of power.

46,322 Petitions on Hand — 4,000 More Still Needed

That’s why this rally is so important, and why we are asking you to be part of this petition delivery. Click here for more about the Gibson case and to sign Grassfire Nation’s “I Support Gibson” petition.

2. Exposing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement

“Occupy Wall Street” is a supposedly a grassroots organized, “freedom” driven project aimed at coordinated mass protests against big money special interests.

In his blog, Eric Odom, Director of Interactive Media for Liberty News Network, Patriot Action Network and Grassfire Nation, exposes the movement’s leaders for what they are… anarchists, leftist organized astro-turf rallies.

Eric also reveals the federal Representatives, the worlds powerful elite, anarchists, Hollywood millionaires and global socialists/communists groups who are collaborating on the growing Occupy Wall Street protests.

ACTION: “The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has swelled into a circus of left-wing causes, with celebrity visits and supportive blogs sprouting across the web. Eric’s hard-hitting exposure of the socialist “Occupy Wall Street” movement is a must-read for every American. Go to Liberty News Network to read Eric’s report and to add your comments.

3. Dodd-Frank Ushers in Major Bank Fees

A blog by Eric Odom, Director of Interactive Media for Liberty News Network, Patriot Action Network and Grassfire Nation.

Bank fees have been quietly increasing quite a bit over the past month or so. The increases won’t be so quiet however, now that major national banks such as Bank of America prepare to gouge customers at a whole new level.

ACTION: News of the coming increases highlights the incredible ignorance of the federal government. The fee hikes come as a result of Dodd-Frank, a failed effort to prevent another housing collapse. Go to Liberty News Network to read Eric’s assessment and to add your comments.

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Key Action Items in this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

Sign the “I Stand with Gibson” Petition

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Key resources for this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

1. Government overreach threatens American’s industries

After Gibson Raid, Other Guitar Makers at Risk of Breaking Law

2. Exposing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement

The movement’s demands

3. Coming Soon: New Bank Fees!

Bank of America and Others to Charge $5 Debit Card Fee

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