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GAA: Taxpayers heating up over Obama’s role in solar scandals

Grassroots Action Alert

October 20, 2011
In This Issue:

1. Taxpayers heating up over Obama’s role in solar scandal
2. A must-have resource for all Tea Partiers!
3. Occupy Wall Street vs. the Tea Party

 1. Cronycapitalism: Alive and well in the Obama Administration

The truth about the Obama Administration’s solar scandal won’t be found in the mainstream media that have all but gone silent.

According to Michael Barone of National Review, President Obama paid a visit to Solyndra in May of 2010. There he touted the solar panel manufacturer saying companies like “Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter, more prosperous future.”

Hailing the green-jobs loan-guarantee program, he added, “We can see the positive impact right here at Solyndra.”

But lurking just below this Public Relations stunt was serious trouble. Only months before, Price-WaterhouseCoopers performed an audit on Solyndra noting that the company had accumulated losses of “$558 million in its five years of existence.” The audit concluded with a warning and “substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”

And still the Obama administration rushed a $535 million loan through. A loan that should have never been made given due to the results of the audit only two months before …

Here are details that have already oozed to the surface …

— Green Source is reporting that several of Obama’s biggest fund-raisers had close ties to Solyndra, including billionaire George Kaiser, who worked on Obama’s 2008 election, and was a major investor in the failed solar company.

— Steve Spinner who worked closely with Obama during his campaign, and took a top job at the Energy Department was chiefly responsible for pushing for the loan, while his wife worked for the law firm representing Solyndra.

— Spinner’s wife’s law firm Wilson Sonsini, collected $2.4 million in federal payments for legal work related to Solyndra’s federal loan.

And just two weeks ago, on September 30, the Energy Department rushed through an additional $4.7 billion in “green energy loans” to four other companies on the very day the funding expires under the 2009 stimulus act — this only three weeks after federal agents raided the closed offices of Solyndra (Sept. 8, 2011).

ACTION: Obama is breaking the backs of private business while funneling billions in taxpayer monies to fund his failed “green energy agenda.” And while the American worker suffers, his liberal cronies are raking in tens of millions of your tax money!

That’s why Grassfire Nation launched the “Stop the ‘Eco-Cronyism’ that is Bilking Billions from Taxpayers” petition and asking American taxpayers to immediately add their names. Demand accountability by signing the petition today.

2. A Must-Have Resource for all Tea Partiers!

From our friends at Liberty Counsel

The midterm 2010 elections confirmed that economic, pro-life, and pro-family issues were the most important topics on the minds of voters.

That makes America’s pro-moral voters a key voting block and makes it even more important that each of us vote intelligently and maximize our impact on the political process!

Liberty Counsel is offering you a powerful new tool to greatly increase your personal impact on our nation’s political process!

In our new Liberty Counsel Action Congressional Scorecard, we address core conservative issues and examine the actual voting records of our elected representatives in both Houses of Congress.

Our Congressional Scorecard exposes the actual voting records of our elected representatives on the issues and causes that matter most to you and me!

This informative tool provides a benchmark for you to use when comparing the records of incumbent legislators to their campaign promises…and the promises of those who are lining up to run against them.

With the LCA Congressional Scorecard, you can look past campaign rhetoric and “spin” directly into the actual votes of those holding legislative office.  And this valuable tool can enable you to quickly get a Senator’s or Representative’s feet to the fire if he or she has been waffling on their promises!

ACTION: It will take millions of informed voters to curb the socialist infiltration our government has experienced and reset America on a right course. Your Congressional Scorecard will empower you in your voting decisions and help you effectively engage those who are misinformed or are buying into hollow campaign rhetoric. Click here to order your complimentary Congressional Scorecard now.

3. Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party!

Some pundits and media outlets have attempted to liken the “Occupy Movement” to the Tea Party phenomenon to diminish the validity of the Tea Party’s success. Yet, in reality they are polar opposites. A blog written by the Vanguard of Freedom exposes those stark differences and sheds light on the truth and the spinning lies.

ACTION: Click here to read The Vanguard of Freedom’s enlightening article, “Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party”

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Key Action Items in this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

Sign Grassfire Nation’s “Stop the ‘Eco-Cronyism’ that is Bilkig Billions from Taxpayers” petition

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your complimentary Congressional Scorecard

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Key resources for this issue of the Grassroots Action Alert:

1. Taxpayers heating up over Obama’s role in solar scandal

Energy Dept Should Have Sought Legal Opinion on Solyndra Loan, Treasury Official Tells Congress

Republicans again ask for White House Solyndra emails

2. Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party!

Additional commentary: Occupy Wall Street is Certainly No Tea Party

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