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EOP: How can you influence your political party?

Would you like your political party to defend Constitutional  principles?  Would you like your party to reflect your values?  Would you like your party to fight to take back America and Oregon?
Then become a precinct committee person (PCP) for your political party.  As a PCP you will be part of the county Central Committee who elect delegates who affect county party operation, state platform, state party operation, national party operation and national platform.   This is almost as grassroots as it gets.  The PCP is the grassroots’ connection to the political parties and the basic way to initiate change within your party.
What is a precinct?
Each county is divided into precincts, managed by the county’s election division.  Each precinct consists of 1-6 slots for each registered political party.  Each slot consists of a man and a woman, (not connected in anyway).  PCPs are elected during the Primary Election.
How do you become a PCP?
  • You can be elected to your precinct or any adjacent precinct.
  • You need to turn in a SEL105 form to your county party or file it with the county clerk.
  • The form is attached to this email and is also found at
  • The filing deadline is Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 at 5 pm.
  • Try to turn your form in early to give your party plenty of time to rearrange people if they have multiple applicants for the same precinct.  Failure to do so might result in multiple candidates in one precinct and none in another.
  • If you turn your form into the county clerk, let your party know for the same reason as above.
  • Your name will then appear on the Primary Ballot for your precinct in May.
Here is a great opportunity for you to join others in the fight to take back our country!

Eastern Oregon Patriots – 9/12 Project

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