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UCRCC: State Central Committee Recap

Fellow Republicans,Chris and I made it back from the State Central Committee in Albany and wanted to recap on the meeting.  First of all, this is my first bit of exposure to the arena of politics apart from AFP, Tea Party and calling representatives.  I have to say it was extremely informative and at the same time extremely revealing as to how little I know in this field.

Chris and I arrived on Friday and sat through individual seminars.  The 1st seminar I attended was on PCP training.  Having been a PCP for a couple years you would think I might have a clue as to the responsibilities of the position.  Ignorance is the best word to describe my understanding.

Gladys Biglor from Deschutes County presented the 1 ½ hour seminar on PCP training and it was excellent.  We all received a 3 ring binder with all the information she planned to cover.   She started with a brief history, founding principles, structure and leadership.  She then proceeded with the training and organization.

I asked Gladys if she would be interested in speaking to our group.  She is looking over her schedule and will get back to us.  If not, I have the note book to copy off and will attempt it myself.

Friday evening was a ”Meet the Candidates” evening.  We have excellent candidates for two key positions.  Knute Buehler is running for Secretary of State and Bruce Starr      running for Labor Commissioner.

Jack Esp is running for State Congressman and will be speaking at EOU on Feb 20th
4pm at the Ackerman Alumni Room 208. This would be a good opportunity get meet Jack and ask some questions.
Bill Hansell is running for State Senator in our district.  I would encourage to  visit both of their websites.

I must admit I’ve been more concerned with politics at the national level, than I have been at the state level.  This meeting emphasized the importance of state and local officials and that we need to be making a bigger difference here at home to make Oregon the great state it could be. There is a lot of work to do before elections.  Nice to have my efficient wife working along side me and actually doing most of the heavy lifting.

I remember listening at a conference to Historian David Barton talking about our founding fathers and their sense of priorities.  For a lot of us, we have priorities lined up with God, family and country in that order.  David said our founding fathers had it in a different order, God, country and then family. They realized that if there were not liberty and freedom from tyrannical government, then the family would suffer in the generations to come.  He then went on to detail how much each of them had lost in life, family and wealth in fighting for and establishing the freedom which we still to some extent continue to enjoy today.

I feel we are at a critical tipping point again with the current moral and fiscal decline of this great nation.  The outcome of this year’s elections will determine whether we can begin the arduous journey to recovery.  We need to elect leaders that allow this country to heal up and live within our financial means.  Those who promote less government, more individual responsibility, capitalism, and the freedoms established in our constitution.

The time is now to get involved.  Let us all work together to take President Obama and the Democrats out of leadership.  This fight is worth fighting!!

Greg Barreto
[email protected]


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