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AFP: Accountable Cuts

Last year was a disappointment. The new Republican majority in the House started off pretty well: in April 2011 they passed Chairman Ryan’s budget blueprint that called for $31 billion in discretionary spending cuts – a small first step in the right direction.

But just weeks later, members of the Appropriations Committee, many of whom voted for the Ryan budget, abandoned the plan and proposed cutting only $10 billion instead. After negotiating with the Senate behind closed doors, the final result was a measly $7 billion cut.


Click here to tell appropriators what YOU think they should cut this year!

AFP is working to make this year different. Chairman Ryan’s budget passed the House calling for another $15 billion in discretionary spending cuts. To help hold appropriators accountable for this goal, AFP is sending them a series of twelve memos – one for each of the twelve appropriations bills – reminding them how much they promised to cut.

Here’s where we need your help. We want to hear what YOU think appropriators should cut. Right now on Facebook, AFP is running the third of twelve polls: what should we cut from Transportation and Housing programs? Click here to vote now and we’ll send the top three choices to appropriators as official AFP recommendations!

Check back frequently; we’ll add a new poll covering a different area of the federal budget every Monday and Thursday and post all the results on AFP’s new homepage for appropriations.

If you would like to be notified of AFP policy initiatives like this one earlier and more often, click here to sign up and become one of AFP’s most engaged activists.

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