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GAA: Senate Dems violate federal law

Grassroots Action Alert

April 18, 2012
  Senate Dems violate federal law: No plan for a budget plan

From Eric Odom, Liberty News Network

News is now breaking that Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D) will refuse to draft a Democrat budget before the 2012 election. While it’s not surprising to see Democrats (and often Republicans as well) kick the can down the road, this move is likely to create a significant problem for Democrats attempting to run on the idea of leadership in government. A refusal to draft a budget before the November election is a confession that Democrats refuse to address our spending crises with any meaningful plan. Or any plan at all for that matter.

Even worse, this is an open announcement that if Democrats are allowed to stay in power, they will continue spending us into bankruptcy as a nation when they do not face immediate elections.

ACTION: Liberty News Network has several reports on the political and fiscal implications of this breaking news. Go here to read the reports, share the page and leave comments!

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Senate Dems violate federal law

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