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The Mother of all Scandals

“A good moral character is the first essential in a man…” – George Washington (1732-1799) Father of the Country, 1st President of the United States

PHONY SCANDALS – If you consider the Obama administration with all of its “phony” scandals together…it becomes The Mother of all Scandals:

THE POOR ECONOMY – The misguided economic policies of President Obama and the Liberals in Congress have actually caused an increase in black teen unemployment:

OBAMA CARE TRAIN WRECK- One person attends an Obama care event in Virginia:

THE LIBERAL MIND – A Democrat congressman says what he is really thinking about getting his hands on your life savings:

GUN CONTROL – As gun sales rise…crime falls:

THE LIBERAL MIND – How Liberalism is destroying Black America:

PHONY SCANDALS – The Internal Revenue Service is still targeting Conservative groups:

THE POOR ECONOMY – What kind of economic recovery is this?  Food stamp usage is still on the rise:

THE LIBERAL MIND – A Democrat congressman says “illegal immigrants aren’t criminals”

OBAMA CARE TRAIN WRECK – A full 92% of federal workers don’t want…Obama care:

PHONY SCANDALS – Golf…anyone?  No…OK…let’s shoot some hoops:

THE LIBERAL MIND – The Liberals only have one excuse left to defend all of their failed idiotic policies.  It’s racism!

THE CULTURE WAR – How can any true Christian, in good conscience, support the Democrat party?  One popular Catholic priest finally “saw the light”

PHONY SCANDALS – Remember this?  A man showed up wearing a Barack Obama mask.  No…it wasn’t a clown…it was Barack Obama himself:

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Statesman, Inventor, Printer and Philosopher

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