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February 2014
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Have You Had Enough?


 If you’re okay with President Obama repeatedly flouting the Constitution with Executive Orders…you may want to stop reading now and just delete this email.

But if you’re as disturbed as I am about the president using executive orders and regulations to get around Congress and affect the economy like Barack Obama has…please keep reading, and chip in to fight back today.


Obama’s rule-writers want to micro-manage everything from the recipes for Reese’s Pieces candies, microwave popcorn, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to how much salt is on potato chips and light bulbs for aquariums.

The president’s agenda includes 129 major new rules.  Those each impact the economy by at least $100 million.  In his first term he issued 246 such regulations. His IRS has targeted conservative groups. He’s developed 20,000 pages of rules to just implement ObamaCare!

From failed websites that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, to unprecedented government intrusion into our health care, the Obama machine is out of control.

I need your help to send a strong message to the Obama Administration to stop the imperial presidency.  Stop the lies.  Stop the intrusion of big government into our lives. Click here to chip in, today.

He may have his pen, but we have the Constitution. And now we need to join forces to speak up and say “Enough!”

We are the last line of defense.  It’s up to you and me.  Please, chip in $5, $10, $25 or more.

Together we must push back.  Together we can get the country back on track.

Thanks for caring


P.S.  It really is up to us.  The country’s future is at stake. Please chip in $5, $10, $25 or more right now!

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