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Dorchester is not a Republican sponsored event

The Clackamas County Republican Party is issuing this Press Release to the media, our PCP’s, and the public. We intend to follow it up with another PR over the weekend based on the media reporting on the actions at Dorchester.

Clackamas County Republican Party

The Dorchester Conference Is Not the Republican Party

Oregonians are likely to hear several stories in the media this week regarding the annual Dorchester Conference in Seaside.
The Union County Republican Party would like to remind the public, media, and Republicans in Oregon that the Dorchester Conference is not a Republican Party event, and never has been.
Dorchester was started by Bob Packwood in 1964 after Barry Goldwater’s defeat in the Presidential race. Packwood, in defiance of the party leadership, founded the annual Dorchester Conference in Lincoln City as a forum for progressive Republicans to gather and share ideas. 
Dorchester is and always has been, an event put on by an independent group of people who come together annually to discuss the politics of Oregon. 
While many of the attendees and candidates who attend are Republicans, the views and policies put forth there are simply those of the attendees and do not speak for the platform or beliefs of the Union County Republican Party or the Oregon Republican Party.
Republicans throughout Oregon are encouraged to get involved in our Party and help us stand for the principals that make Oregon and America great!
We encourage Republicans and supporters in Union County to get involved now and help us elect Republicans to positions from Senator to Governor, County Commissioner to City Council.  Get started by visiting our website,

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