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Why Conservatives Should NOT Vote for John Turner

The election for Oregon House District 58 goes back to measures 66 & 67 in 2010 which facilitated a large tax increase which has hurt the Oregon economy. This election is really about jobs in Oregon.

In 2010, Oregon Live stated:

“Many in eastern Oregon are still seething over January’s bitter tax election and the fact that their guys — state Reps. Bob Jenson, R-Pendleton, and Rep. Greg Smith, R-Heppner — supplied the critical Republican votes that helped the Democrats put Measures 66 and 67 on the ballot.  … A party chairman normally remains neutral during primary season. But Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan hasn’t followed the rule with Jenson and Smith.”

“I would have kicked them out of the party,” Tiernan says. “Bottom line: they cannot be trusted.”

John Turner is seen as Jenson’s handpicked successor. He endorsed Turner early on.

Greg Barreto said to the Eastern Oregonian:

“He (John Turner) and I were on differing ends of the spectrum on measures 66 and 67, which is one of the main ballot measures that got me into this. And that was basically pitting education against business. And of course he was in education at the time and I was in business and still am. So that was a big one. And then I think he’s also been on the port commission as well as Blue Mountain Community College where you know there were proposed tax increases in that area, so he was on those. And then he has spoken on the campaign trail of jobs programs, you know where he’s promoting that we need jobs programs to train people. And my opinion of that is we need jobs so that people have the opportunity to work. You know when I hire someone it isn’t because of some jobs program they’ve been shoved through; it’s because they’re looking for a job and they have the character to work for it. So he leans a little more on government dependency and I lean more toward the private sector and leave government intrusion out and let businesses prosper. So those are our main, I think, philosophical differences.”


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