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Senator Dirty Harry (D-NV)

We owe Obama and Reid a debt of gratitude.  That’s right; we owe them thanks for making the political atmosphere so toxic for Democrats that they are going to lose control of the US Senate.  Obama can campaign up until the day of the election and give all of the flowery speeches he wants.  Harry Reid can stand on the floor of the senate and spin his lies.  The Democrats are wasting their money and wasting their breathe.  Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is  going to lose his gavel and become minority leader just like his dear friend Nancy Pelosi did.  The folks who gave us the unmitigated disaster that is Obama care are losing their political power, one by one, as it should be.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is set to become the new majority leader in the US Senate.  His Democrat opponent is turning to far left Hollywood to fund her failing campaign:

Harry Reid is facing a demotion.  Republicans are poised to win enough seats in the US Senate to take control:

Even liberals at CNN and The New York Times suggest that recent polls are looking “more grim” for the Democrats:

With the president looking weaker and the news getting worse, Democrat candidates are running out of time:

Republicans are also expected to increase their majority in the US House of Representatives:

The red state of Utah is set to elect the first ever Republican black woman to the US House of Representatives:

Obama is set to become a truly lame-duck president.  Hopefully, with the Republicans in control of congress, we can begin to bring to a close what has to be the most bizarre period in American history; the rein of Obama.  It will take many years to reverse the massive damage this one man has done to America.  Let’s begin to fundamentally change America back to its previous glory.



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